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Cambridge Painted White Harriet P Maryland

My overall experience was great from the first phone call. I called to inquire about the process after reviewing the website and just felt a connection with Patty at that first call….she sounded very knowledgeable…..my contractor was somewhat skeptical about buying cabinets on line but when they arrived both he and his partner were impressed with the quality of the work. I was about to have surgery so all my decisions about my kitchen and the choices had to be made either on line or by phone and all questions and concerns were addressed during my recuperative period. I went with Cambridge painted white cabinets which was not going to be available until after the first of the year, so getting the samples also helped to see the color and pattern. And Patty had me nailed as she said that I would probably chose Cambridge based on our conversations….she was right.

I was re-doing the present galley kitchen in my beach house so the layout did not have to be changed….all appliances were in the same locations and the sink was to remain under the window. It was just deciding on the size cabinets, which I already knew needed to go to ceiling and then what lower cabinet configuration would meet my needs. Patty sent 3 versions of lower cabinets …which are 3 cabinets with 2 inside pull out drawers along one side of the kitchen and then on the side where the appliances are located I went with 1 standard cabinet, that had an adjustable shelf, and then 3 drawers, one is shallow for utensils and the others are deeper drawers for pots and pans, which I love.

I have so much more cabinet space now, both for the upper cabinets and the lower cabinets and things are so easy to get to. The delivery process went as planned, and there was no damage to any cabinet. People don’t believe me when I tell them what I paid for the cabinets……CliqStudios cabinets are a very good quality and the construction is solid….they were the best and most economical items I purchased for this small kitchen. There is one suggestion, and that has to do with the shelf clips….the upper cabinets come with one set of plastic shelf clips already in place….and if anyone has ever tried to move them in other cabinets, it is very difficult….BUT…the other shelf pins they sent were small and did not fit into the pre-drilled holes snuggly…the pins were not long enough to secure the shelves and the company did not send the instructions for the correct direction the pins should be placed to support the shelves…..one of my shelves fell containing glasses and there was breakage.

I called Patty and she sent me a bag of the very difficult to use, plastic clips. She also mentioned that they DON’T include the one page diagram showing how install the pins correctly. REALLY???? For a company like this, I think they should rethink that idea and send the customer as much info as possible to insure correct installation of any part of the cabinets. I ended up going to the hardware store and getting shelf pins that were longer and fit the pre-drilled holes more securely……this is the ONE defect that needs to go back to the drawing board……I am glad the shelf fell early on, before I had all of my dishes and the rest of my glasses placed in the cabinets.

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Woodstock Maryland galley kitchen has open wall to the living area, white cabinets in a raised-panel style, and multi-toned granite countertop.
Woodstock Maryland kitchen has painted white cabinets and black appliances. The raised panel doors on the cabinets complement the home's original traditional style.

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