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RockfordMaple CaramelPatricia NMoroe, New York

We were thrilled! We not only saved money and got quality product for a better price, but I also got much more than I had thought I could accomplish with my dream kitchen layout design. Our original order from Home Depot was only a partial design. It did not include cabinets for the island, molding or kickboards. We ended up going for more cabinets, finishing an island, and the finishing touches that completed the kitchen. We spent $1,000 more to get all the cabinets and NOT have a bare minimum kitchen. I could not have considered my dream kitchen with a box kitchen from Home Depot. My previous kitchen was a DISASTER. It was not meant to be permanent. It was thrown together from a job my Dad had done, which was meant to be temporary when my home was built to save cost. Thirteen years later, it had literally fallen apart. I could not get refinancing it was so bad! I finally managed a small budget to do an improvement and had gone to Home Depot after thinking I had no feasible alternative and placed an order for a partial design. Not quite comfortable, I came home and searched online, found CliqStudios. To put my mind at ease, I sent in my Dad’s list of cabinets and layout. We got back a quote right away! We saw a savings immediately; apples to apples! I had such a bad experience with fiberboard I wanted to upgrade. At CliqStudios there was no extra charge for quality. As a retired contractor and kitchen remodeler, my Dad recognized the quality and appreciated the immediate and professional response. We were able to cancel the kitchen on order within two hours of ordering it. I still am amazed at how close I came to another disaster with an unfinished kitchen and fiberboard cabinets. Thank goodness we were able to get a quote so quickly. I have been a walking advertisement for CliqStudios ever since; it literally has made my entire home an improvement.

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Moroe New York kitchen renovation features CliqStudios Rockford Maple Caramel cabinets

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