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Austin Painted White Jim B Massachusetts

Thank you! I appreciate everything you have done for me over the past year. I am so proud of these designs and my clients are very happy with your product. Your assistance has meant so much to me and my business. So thank you. Much more to come…

This kitchen design, built from classic inset Shaker cabinets, features multiple specialty storage solutions, including a pull-out spice rack, roll-out base cabinet trays and vertical tray storage. The microwave is tucked neatly under a counter. The 90-inch black Shaker pantry, built from reduced-depth cabinets with stacked crown molding, reflects the home’s architectural style as seen in the buffet in the adjacent dining room. The inset cabinet style is a testament to traditional craftsmanship, since it requires a more precise fit than the more common full-overlay style. The revealed hinge barrels offer a touch of detail that reflects the historical context of the style.
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Cabinet Photos

Kitchen remodeling project features pull-out spice rack for convenient storage of food and small appliances.
Kitchen remodeling project features base cabinet with easy-to-reach slide-out shelve for pot and pan storage.
Base cabinet has solid hardwood tray dividers for trays, cookie sheets and platters
Large kitchen features Shaker white cabinets on long wall and island, and dark birch cabinets in built-in pantry wall
Inset shaker cabinets in white are used in galley kitchen with pro gas range and under-counter microwave
pantry wall is built of black inset shaker cabinets with tall crown molding, similar to style of glass-front buffet seen on left

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  1. Bharti Reply

    Great Look. What is the model and brand of the refrigerator used in this kitchen. I am considering to design cabinets such that a refrigerator would give modem look and fit in nicely with the cabinets.

    • Tom Majewski Reply

      Sorry to say that we have little info beyond the cabinets.

  2. andy Reply

    Are the panels that flank the island custom made? I don’t see anything like them on your website.

  3. Sandra Woolfenden Reply

    Is the microwave a pull out model, or does the door open as usual.? Brand, if known?

    • Tom Majewski Reply

      Not a pull-out; the microwave door opens “normally.” Looks like the brand is Jenn Air.

  4. Celeste Reply

    Good Day, I would like to know how is it the above cabinet is so flat to wall. I need cabinets for a butlers pantry with less depth as normal cabinets. I would like them as flat as the above however I don’t believe I have the depth inside the wall that may be needed.

  5. Cynthia Cooper Reply

    I need help with my kitchen. Love the Austin with exposed hinges. We have an old farmhouse and feel these would be perfect. Ready to get started.

  6. Eileen Vermeylen Reply

    I need bathroom cabinets $ design for a 6″ 6″ room

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