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Modern Flow to Craftsman Kitchen

RockfordCherry Cider

For homeowner Nick and his family, remodeling their kitchen was a calculated decision made after years of living in a space where they knew the flow was wrong. Being an architect, Nick’s industry know-how made it so he could take his time and make educated choices. “I was critical about the design and I knew where it needed to be improved. I had an unlimited budget of time.” That time was spent perfecting a craftsman style kitchen and discovering new storage opportunities.

When it came time to consider “What Makes a Quality Cabinet?”, Nick’s business partner recommended CliqStudios.  “I told my partner we were going to redo our kitchen and he said you have to look at this place.” As an architect, it’s no surprise that this wasn’t an easy decision. “I really study cabinetry and I was skeptical until I got a sample. It’s a great product. I was ‘Oh my god!’ this is fantastic and a kitchen designer comes with it.”

That designer is CliqStudios kitchen designer Ashley Thompson who was ready and excited about the project. “Everything went really smooth; he was very clear about what he wanted. The communication went really well between us,” says Ashley.

Creating A Craftsman Style and Modern Storage

The next step was to reinvent the space. Previously, the original layout didn’t optimism flow or storage. Nick understood what to do. “It was one of those things where you live in a house for 25 years and get to see how it functions and develop ideas on things that need to be fixed and redesigned.”

Balancing style and function was key in improving the design. The Rockford Cherry Cider cabinets create a craftsman style that keep the room simple and clean. Also, they added stainless steel appliances  to make the design current day.

“It’s a modest house but the kitchen is something you’d find in a million-dollar house,” said Nick.

Storage was also utilized through replacing outdated and sub-optimal builder’s cabinets and adding cabinets to the kitchen’s step-up area. “From every angle there is good storage,” said Ashley. “Even the cubbies next to the refrigerator are a great use of the space.”

“We increased the storage by 35% just by being smart with cabinetry. We still haven’t filled in everything yet,” said Nick.

The room also needed a lighting makeover. Adding LED lights, pendants, and under cabinet lighting transformed the lighting layout of the room.

Emphasizing the “Heart of the Home”

However, no design process is without challenges and Nick went on to encourage homeowners to remain vigilant to the commitments that come with home remodeling. “People have to be patient when your parts of your renovation don’t work out. We had to come up with creative solutions. That part of working with Ashley was fantastic.”

Finally, he went on to emphasize the importance of getting this space up to his standards, “It’s not just a kitchen; it’s the heart of our home. It was like a heart transplant.”

Creating that heart took time, effort, and adapting. Consequently, Nick and his family have a kitchen that grew their storage space and improved the use of their kitchen.

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