One wall shaker white kitchen cabinets in Victorian home with gold accents and marble backsplashOne wall shaker white kitchen cabinets in Victorian home with gold accents and marble backsplash
Shaker White Kitchen Cabinets

From dark and dated to charming and bright, this quaint kitchen and bathroom remodel has moved an old Victorian home into this century. Updated finishes and brand-new cabinets make it the perfect place to enjoy family and create new memories. 

Raquel Moscarelli is a professional home remodeler and owner of Conscious Creations located in Cedarburg, WI. She bought this home because she has a passion to restore mid-century homes and older. With a strong commitment to sustainable practices for people, property, and the planet, she believed this house was a perfect opportunity to showcase her abilities while benefiting the home and community. 

Problem Solving & Collaboration 

Kitchen remodel and bathroom remodel floor plansKitchen remodel and bathroom remodel floor plans
Kitchen remodel and bathroom remodel floor plans

Shaker white kitchen sink elevationShaker white kitchen sink elevation
Shaker white kitchen sink elevation
Shaker white kitchen island elevationShaker white kitchen island elevation
Shaker white kitchen island elevation

CliqStudios Designer, Erin York, collaborated with Raquel throughout the entire project. Their goal was to create a timeless vintage look, with the benefits of modern style and amenities. White shaker cabinets were chosen for both spaces to create an updated look while more decorative accents were brought in through lighting, backsplash, and warm gold hardware. 

Raquel talked about how easy it was to work with CliqStudios and her designer, Erin: 

‘Erin is creative and professional with a careful eye for details’. She said, ‘Erin and I collaborated to ensure the design was focused on functionality, timelessness, and honoring to the architectural detail of an 1895 Victorian to ensure everything felt in alignment from original build, to current modern lifestyle.’ 

Designer Erin spoke about how this project was fun, yet challenging to work on. There were multiple areas in the kitchen that needed a creative workaround like a plumbing stack that now sits behind the new pantry. 

Erin said, ‘We tried 3-4 different layouts to move things around and try to make the space functional. She really let me run with it which is always fun.’. Other changes included moving the range from its original location, but they left the refrigerator in place. 

The renovated kitchen also received convenient, modern accessories like a pull-out trash in the island, and tray dividers left of the range and above the refrigerator. Erin mentioned, ‘We also completely changed the layout of her master bathroom so they could get a larger vanity. They closed off a window and flushed out a section of the wall’. 

Shaker white bathroom vanity cabinets with gold accentsShaker white bathroom vanity cabinets with gold accents
Shaker white bathroom vanity cabinets

Respecting the Home’s Architecture 

Raquel went on to talk about the state the home was in when she purchased it: 

‘The original kitchen did not have a dishwasher (125+ years) without code ventilation for gas range, lack of a built-in microwave and no island for preparation and seating. In addition, we had a small kitchen footprint, an interior kitchen wall with a brick fireplace, and built-in dining room hutch to save while renovating the kitchen for modern-day lifestyle.  Ultimately, we focused on the kitchen functionality, design layout and ensuring it was a timeless design.’ 

Happy Client, Happy Home 

In the end, Raquel decided to go with CliqStudios because she found value in the complimentary professional design, cabinet lead times, and price. What were the results? Raquel said, ‘CliqStudios was perfectly aligned with Conscious Creations mission. We received multiple offers within 72 hours, all cash, 10K above asking, and closed in less than 10 days between Christmas and New Year’s.’. Now that's a happy client!