HGTV Star Remodels Her Kitchen Using CliqStudios

Signature Austin Painted Carbon


The Casa de LAVA

Co-hosts of HGTV’s Listed Sisters, Lex and Alana Leblanc are identical twins who jointly own LAVA Home Design. Their business is all about helping people renovate their homes and look for new ones. Of the two, Lex is the design specialist, while her sister Alana focuses on the real estate side.

Born in Los Angeles and educated in New York City, Lex now resides in Nashville, Tennessee with her husband and two children.

What happens when a professional remodeler tackles her own home project? Take a look at the Casa de LAVA.


Revamping the Colors and Textures

The old kitchen felt outdated and dull, even with its lemon-yellow walls. Lex replaced her traditionally-styled white cabinets with CliqStudios Austin inset cabinets in Carbon paint. The gray laminate countertops were upgraded with Cambria quartz surfaces.

“We had Habitat for Humanity come in and deconstruct our old kitchen and take everything out of here,” wrote Leblanc on her blog post detailing the Casa de LAVA kitchen. “I love donating things from remodels whenever I can. If you are thinking about a kitchen remodel and your cabinets are in good condition, please consider donating before demo’ing everything.”


Sleek and Functional Design

The new space is filled with dynamic and high-contrast colors and textures. Sleek black and white finishes are balanced and warmed up with reclaimed wood accents and aged brass hardware. The patterned runner reinforces the lively patterns in the countertops, while greenery placed on open shelves adds a calming and restful element.

Cabinetry and finish molding was brought up to the ceiling, adding height and giving the space a larger and grander impression, as well as extra storage. Fitted between the stacked cabinetry is a handsome focal point: a black stainless steel range hood, matching the cabinet finish.


The kitchen is not only beautiful to look at – it also functions better than before. With two sets of deep drawer cabinets, it’s easy for Lex to keep everything organized and accessible.

“Drawers rock when it comes to lower cabinets! No more cabinet diving! Drawers pull out nice and easy and stay a lot more organized. I’ve got all my pots and pans in the cabinet drawers to the left, super easy to get to and nothing gets lost!” she said on Instagram.

Visit Leblanc’s blog to learn more about her kitchen and master bath projects!

Project Details:

  • Cabinets: CliqStudios, Austin-CH in Carbon
  • Countertops: Cambria, Rosedale
  • Range hood: AKDY 30″ Wall Mount Stainless Steel Black Range Hood
  • Faucet: Delta, Trask
  • Shelves: Good Wood Nashville
  • Hardware: Rejuvenation, Tolson cabinet knob and drawer pull
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