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A Bold Backsplash in a Birch Sable Kitchen

DaytonBirch Sable

Imagine remodeling your kitchen. Now imagine doing so while remodeling kitchens for a living. Few can boast that they’ve maintained this balancing act, let alone mastered it. But for Jamie and Morgan Molitor, they did so in spades. The result is a bold design that was recently featured in Kitchen & Bath Business.

About the Molitors

Jamie and Morgan are the perfect example of a go-getter couple. They manage their own design business, Construction2Style, and are parents to two beautiful children. When they decided to take on the remodeling of their own kitchen, they knew they were in for a journey. They would have to navigate their own remodel while working on projects for their clients.

Balance and honesty was key. Throughout their redesign they were transparent on their blog, showing their experience and the lessons they learned along the way. Their followers saw a genuine look into the decisions and costs. There was no filter, just an honest home remodel from demo to completion.

The Old Space

The kitchen was once a dated space. Golden oak cabinets. Laminate countertops. Awkward storage.  Finding a way to make the space timeless while balancing their own taste was a must. They knew they would be making bold design decision and use their blog as a way to encourage their audience to do the same. Additionally, the couple decided to emphasize the intimacy of the space by adding walls instead of following the trend of knocking things down.

A Designer for Designers

CliqStudios designer Lynn Moore helped guide the Molitor’s through their remodel, offering her design expertise on style and placement of kitchen storage solutions. “This was a fun project to work on. Morgan is great to work with because she is excited about her projects. I enjoy working with her,” says Lynn.

A Color Compromise

Much of the room’s transformation centered around a shift in color. Formerly filled with golden oak cabinets, Jamie had his eye set on a darker choice. For Morgan, she wanted to make sure to have a natural wood grain visible. The resulting compromise was the best of both worlds. “CliqStudios Dayton Birch Sable cabinets are amazing. They really add that ‘Wow’ factor,” says Lynn.

Storage Solutions

Storage was also important. “Large drawers for pots and pans on each side of the range make it easy to see everything and are great for organizing,” says Lynn. She also goes on to explain that, “For the pantry, we used tall cabinets from the countertop up, for easy access and the most storage.”

Creating Focal Points

The standout feature in the kitchen is the dramatic backsplash. Created from handmade, geometrically shaped tiles, the backsplash brings energy and movement to the space. All the design elements are brought together, both bold and understated.

Contrasting and complimenting the dark cabinets is the hood. After reaching out to their readers for advice, the couple decided to keep their hood natural, in turn matching the floating shelves used in the room. “Jamie Molitor built the wood hood and open shelves, as well as the island…. A beautiful finishing touch!” says Lynn.

Another stand out is the abundance of gold hardware used on the cabinetry. This popped out against the dark color of the cabinets and added warmth.

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Showing 3 comments

  1. Victoria Knipp Reply

    What a great job!!! Can you tell me the height of the double stack cabinets? I only have nine foot ceilings and 12 inch upper cabinet does not display much. I love the color and contrast!!

    • CliqStudios Social Media Reply

      Thanks for your question! We agree that this is a great kitchen. The double stacked cabinets are about 53 1/4″ in height.

  2. Steffonie Ryan Reply

    Love it!

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