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For this tiny kitchen project, I found CliqStudios first because I was drawn in by the fact their site didn’t say “call for quote.” I was able to shop and find the pricing right there, online. I was hooked.!

- Velinda, Business Manager for
Emily Henderson



HGTV Design Star winner, Emily Henderson, is no stranger to remodeling. Her styling expertise has appeared on television, in books and with her own design firm, Emily Henderson Design.

Her design studio business manager, Velinda reached out to CliqStudios with a goal: to transform her tiny 49-square-foot kitchen. Emily routinely does makeover takeovers for her employees and Velinda's space was their next big project.

The next step was reinventing her space with the perfect, quality cabinets and design. Pairing Velinda with CliqStudios designer and kitchen expert, Jayelynn, the transformation of the kitchen began. 


In 2012 Velinda made the decision to buy a bank-owned bungalow that was tiny and unwanted. She saw the home for its potential. Within her first year of being there, she rolled up her sleeves and started renovating the upstairs, leaving the downstairs for storage. 

In the last year, Velinda realized the downstairs needed to take on a new role: a place for her new mother-in law to stay when she is in from out of town, complete with a stunning kitchenette. 

Turns out, CliqStudios could’ve spared me that college fortune because their cabinet order comes with professional design plans, measuring and RENDERINGS.  

- Velinda, Business Manager for Emily Henderson

Even as a designer, having a specialist’s help was invaluable because she was familiar enough with their products to get creative.  

- Velinda, Business Manager for Emily Henderson

Velinda wanted her mother-in-law, who visited and used the space often, to be able to cook without any limitations from the small space. She also wanted make the space timeless with rustic touches. 

Designer, Jayelynn provided creative problem solving with her design expertise. One such example was the choice to flip a standard cabinet upside to provide a drawer for baking sheets. They also decided on the color Harbor to keep the space light and bright. 



The resulting kitchen is a small space that doesn’t sacrifice style. The kitchen has both the timeless and rustic touches combined with the customized feel of the  Austin, inset cabinetry. The Harbor finish brightens the space and compliments the white tile backsplash.

This space also adds needed storage for cooking and baking items, all of which is easily tucked away. 

Most importantly, there is no more worry about if her mother-in-law can use this kitchen. This space has it all. 

I LOVE moody colors and they had several that were tempting, but I ultimately opted to keep the shade light to avoid further shrinking the already tiny space (which can happen with darker colors as they absorb light). I chose the color ‘Harbor’. 

- Velinda, Business Manager for Emily Henderson

Emily elevated this small kitchen design with the use of sleek appliances and elegant inset cabinets.

Every details of this kitchen transforms the small kitchen into a working space, ready for cooking and baking. 

The entire kitchen is perfectly utilized for maximum storage and functionality.   

This space isn't just beautiful. The practical storage additions make every inch of this kitchen convenient and easy-to-use.  

Velinda’s Tiny Kitchen Makeover Takeover (With Tons of Smart Storage Hacks)

When Velinda, the business manager of HGTV Design Star winner Emily Henderson’s design studio, reached out to CliqStudios about her tiny 49-square-foot kitchen, we were ready for the challenge. She wanted to transform the room to better accommodate when her mother-in-law came to visit. After much deliberation, Velinda decided that the cabinet style Austin in the color Harbor was the best fit as it kept the small space light and bright, allowing her to incorporate color without making the room appear smaller. The resulting kitchen is a small space that doesn’t sacrifice style. The kitchen is a classic with hints of both modern and rustic touches. Most importantly, there is no more worry about if her mother-in-law can use this kitchen. This space has it all.

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Emily Henderson is a home style expert who has a strong commitment to peeling back the intimidating layers of the world of home design, and showing how every person can have a beautiful home that represents their personality, no matter what the budget.

After styling for magazines and catalogues for years she started a blog, stylebyemilyhenderson.com, won HGTV Design Star, and has gone on to host her own hit TV show Secrets From a Stylist, Author the book, and create the design firm Emily Henderson Design.

She believes that your home should look like you, that every room is soul-less without something vintage or antique, and that the perfect home (like the “perfect person”) is just kinda boring.

Selected cabinet style 'Austin' in color 'Harbor'

Selected cabinet style 'Austin' in color 'Harbor'