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Why You Can Replace Your Kitchen Cabinets Now

February 20, 20131 comment

black shaker cabinets with white marble counterDo you keep putting off that kitchen remodel because of the daunting cost? Or you don’t know where to begin? Here’s why you should update your kitchen now — it’s the number one reason home owners list for a happy, functional home.

That’s right, your kitchen affects just about every day of your life, and there’s a solid financial reason to remodel – resale. Updated kitchens sell homes faster on average than any other room in the house.

So you know you should do it – but can you afford it? Never before has there been the availability of quality cabinetry at wholesale cost to the consumer — offers better box quality and finishes than any of the big box stores and even better than some of the kitchen cabinet dealers. As an interior designer, I know; I’ve sent numerous clients to compare not only the quality, but the price as well.

And here’s the best part — free, qualified designers. I’ve worked with a couple of the kitchen designers and they are flexible and really know design.

So here’s why you should update that kitchen now:

1) Lifestyle — your life and the lives of your family will be easier with a new, functional design.

2) Resale Value — the resale value of your home will increase.

3) Higher Quality — dollar for dollar these are possibly the highest quality cabinets available to the consumer today.

4) Wholesale Cost — never before were cabinets of this quality so affordable.

5) Free Kitchen Designers — every step of the way, designers will help make sure your project is designed to your needs and with industry standards in mind.

6) Convenience — all of this is available online almost everyday and into the evening so that you can work on you project when it’s most convenient for you.


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Get a Free Cabinet Catalog
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60 pages of photos and information on cabinet styles, storage options, specialty cabinets and accessories, and a remodel planning guide.

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  1. Karen Williams Reply

    I had a water leak in my kitchen. My kitchen had to be gutted. I need new cabinets, flooring and counter. I have a galley style kitchen. I have the measurements of floors and cabinets. I like white or ivory cabinets since my space is small, also have white appliances except for my dishwasher which is black. I want a subway style backsplash, would I go with a dark counter top? I want this to be a classic kitchen, so when I sell most anyone would be happy with it., I am thinking that I would go cheapter on my floors, to get better cabinets and counter. I am also on a very tight budget. I will probably get my budget late on the 24 of december.

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