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Wood range hoods do a lot for your kitchen besides improving the aesthetic. In addition to adding a statement to your kitchen remodel, they have a big job to do. Wood hoods look great, but they also need to remove all odors, grease, gases from cooking, and moisture so your brand-new kitchen cabinets don’t get damaged in the process. That begs the question, what’s the best hood size to use for your kitchen remodel?

Curved wood range hood with strapping in ash-brown stain against white shaker kitchen cabinetsCurved wood range hood with strapping in ash-brown stain against white shaker kitchen cabinets
Curved wood range hood with strapping in Timber

What’s the Best Size?

The industry-wide recommendation says that your hood needs to be 6” wider than the range. For example, if you buy a 30” range, you will need a 36” hood, or if you buy a 42” range, a 48” hood is recommended. Most homeowners tend to buy a hood that matches the size of their range, but why?


      • Smaller hoods are less expensive
      • Quotes to install may be less
      • Surrounding cabinets are easier to design


Why Buy a Larger Hood?

When the wood range hood is wider than the cooktop, it catches more steam, fumes, and grease that would otherwise escape on the sides causing grease and moisture to accumulate on your cabinets resulting in damage. It’s easy to think this won’t happen if you’re only using one burner at a time or cooking smaller meals, but stains and damage will occur. Every homeowner wants to get the most for their money, so it’s better to invest a little more upfront than experience damage to your beautiful new kitchen.


How Do You Choose a Hood?

Start by selecting your range or cooktop first. Take those dimensions and start shopping for a hood that’s 6” larger and accommodates your ceiling height. At this point, have a designer or your appliance specialist confirm the new wood range hood will work with your cooktop and your space. Keep in mind these pieces should be proportional. To maintain a balanced design, make sure the hood isn't unnecessarily large.  

As a reminder, follow manufacturer guidelines on the type of venting and mounting heights for your hood. For any questions, or to get a second opinion on your CliqStudios wood range hood selection, schedule a Complimentary Design Consultation now!