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Planning a kitchen remodel always starts with a detailed budget. For budgeting to stay on track, you will need to weigh the costs of different wish list items as you revise your floorplans. The easiest way to stay on track is to know what items make a kitchen remodel more or less expensive from the start. Lists of cabinet upgrades and accessories are almost endless, but having a general idea of what increases your quote will help in the long run.

Price Increases

Lazy Susan Kitchen CabinetLazy Susan Kitchen Cabinet
Lazy Susan Kitchen Cabinet

♦ Upgraded Paint Finishes

◊ Some cabinet lines have designer finish upgrades while other lines finishes are all the same.

♦ Cabinet Modifications

◊ Modifications can be anything from increasing cabinet depth to reduced depth, adding toe kicks, finished interiors, and cutting the cabinet for glass among others.

♦ Additional Moldings

◊ Crown, light rail, and base board moldings.

♦ Glass Cabinets

♦ Box Construction Upgrades

◊ All-plywood construction or plywood ends.

♦ Custom Cabinets

♦ Shiplap or Wainscot Paneling

◊ Paneling on the exterior or interior of the cabinet.

♦ Interior Cabinet Accessories

◊ This includes: roll-out trays, storage bins, cutlery and utensil dividers, pegboard drawer inserts, door caddy’s, cabinet mats, installed bread boxes etc..

♦ Drawer Front Upgrades

♦ Authentic Cabinet Ends

Decorative doors installed on the cabinet ends.

♦ Functional End Cabinets

◊ Having useable doors on the front and one side of a cabinet.

♦ Furniture Toe Kicks

◊ Decorative toe kicks with installed arch valances.

Price Decreases

White shaker pots and pans drawer base under a cooktopWhite shaker pots and pans drawer base under a cooktop
Pots and Pans Drawer Base

♦ Standard Paint & Stain Finishes

♦ Standard Cabinets

◊ Fewer interior cabinet accessories such as roll-out trays, tray dividers, cutlery dividers etc. and using door and drawer cabinets instead.

♦ Less Modifications

♦ Less Customizable Cabinet Lines

♦ RTA, Ready-to-Assemble Cabinets

◊ Either assembled or flat-packed cabinets.

♦ Shorter Wall Cabinets

Even though these lists aren’t exhaustive, they will provide much more clarity going into your remodel. Use this list as a guide and make notes about different cabinets, accessories, moldings, and finishes you want to quote to stay organized. Coming into a large project prepared will make the road to renovation and staying under budget much easier.


To explore more upgrades and accessories, contact a designer today!