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What is Industrial Chic Kitchen Design?

December 18, 2012No comments

We are finishing an Industrial Chic kitchen design this week at studiobstyle. We designed the space from top to bottom with the latest appliance technology and found pieces of décor to give our clients the hardworking functionality they desire.

There is a big trend with interior design to find and feature industrial elements from decades past. Some of the more common pieces are drafting stools, recessed door and drawer hardware, wooden sewing drawers, or metal rolling carts. Designers are looking for that special found piece to add the industrial feel to residential kitchen design.

Some of the elements we used are commercial kitchen inspired — meaning large and high capacity for the average residential kitchen. Some of our elements are antique or reclaimed to give that old industrial feel to the new kitchen space.

Here are some specific design elements you can use to build Industrial Chic design into your space:

Stainless Steel
Every commercial kitchen has lots of exposed stainless steel. In order to replicate that look we knew we needed a stainless steel refrigerator. More importantly, our clients want a refrigerator that preserves their exotic foods better than other mid-range refrigeration. We chose the Sub-Zero Pro 48 Refrigerator, one of the larger models, and left the steel exposed for the industrial look.

Reclaimed Wood Island
The outer portion of our kitchen has simple cabinetry, and to offset the look of those cabinets, we built a floating island from reclaimed wood. The mix of rustic wood helps bring the unexpected into our residential kitchen. Think about adding a shelf or bookcase area to the kitchen if you can’t fit an island or table.

Cabinets and Coloring has several cabinets that will help build an industrial chic kitchen. Consider the Rockford door style in the Birch Sable finish or the Dayton door style in the Urban Stone painted finish. The Dayton door style also comes in a straight grain oak finish that is a great way to offset some of the industrial metals in bin pulls or bar stools.

Blend your door styles and your cabinet finishes to give your kitchen that custom designer look. Look for rustic accent pieces at antique stores, salvage yards and local retailers such as Restoration Hardware or World Market stores.

Historic Elements
The trick to the industrial chic is to blend eras together. We specified an old-world porcelain sink and stainless faucet that represents the early part of the 20th century. These are new items from Jado and Porcher so they will meet building codes and low-flow requirements.

Modern Stone Tile
Here’s where we took a twist on the theme of industrial kitchen design. We were looking for something with a large enough pattern that will make visual sense in our larger kitchen and yet look like it could be in a commercial space. We specified a mid-century pattern in a vanilla stone mosaic tile from Jeffrey Court Tile.

Mixing Counter tops
To add to our “found” industrial look, we separated the back counter area with the front counter area by using a solid surface from Formica for the back wall and granite on the island. The island now looks more like a piece of furniture and the back wall feels like part of a commercial kitchen space.

Varied Sized Plank Flooring
Our industrial kitchen design still needs to feel like it’s a home, so we selected a beautiful dark wood floor from Columbia. The mixed sizing on the flooring planks helps the floor look like a custom installation. We liked the shine and quality of the flooring.

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