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Before & After: A Stunning, Two-Toned Kitchen Remodel

June 27, 20122 comments

It’s always fun to see before and after photos of any type of home remodel. This week, we received some wonderful photos that show just how far one of our customer’s kitchens came. It really is a night-and-day difference!

A beautiful kitchen with Painted Linen Kitchen Cabinets and Painted Harbor cabinets from CliqStudios

Simply stunning turnaround!

From a dated, dark look to a bright, cheery, and all-around inviting environment, this kitchen underwent a major transformation. CliqStudios designer AJ worked on this project. CliqStudios’ Dayton kitchen cabinets in Painted Linen is used along the outer walls of the remodel, and Dayton cabinets in Harbor gray are a perfect accent for the kitchen island.

The details in the kitchen really bring it all together. Notice the small tile backsplash, mullion cabinet doors around the sink with fabric/screen inserts, crown molding, and glass globe lighting.

Take a look at more before and after photos below, and read up about the Designer Paint Collection and Dayton kitchen cabinets.


Dated dark brown kitchen before CliqStudios remodel

Before the remodel. Tons of space.

Dated dark brown kitchen cabinets before CliqStudios remodel

Cabinets before the remodel.

Dated dark brown kitchen cabinets and old appliances before CliqStudios remodel

Window, appliances, and cabinets view before the remodel.



Kitchen Cabinets from CliqStudios and kitchen island with dining room table

Kitchen cabinets from CliqStudios and a beautiful wood-top kitchen island

Wood countertop island with updated appliances and cabinets.

Kitchen sink and window with CliqStudios Painted Linen kitchen cabinets

Window view framed by mullion cabinets and an apron sink.



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  1. Linda Reply

    Very Very Gorgeous Kitchen and what a huge difference! May I ask what brand oven/range that is and where did you order it in that color?

    • CliqStudios Design Reply

      Hello, Linda,

      I'm sorry, but we only provided the cabinets and kitchen design. I don't have any information on the range.

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