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Semi-Custom Cabinets Can Be Used to Create a Bed Surround!

January 15, 20132 comments

I’ve designed small kitchens and large kitchens, in every size of house, cabin, and even a boat once. I’ve also designed bathrooms, offices and entertainment centers. Until recently, I never thought to use semi-custom cabinetry to build a built-in bed surround. Carlton Cherry Russet Cabinets

The bed surround design

The Idea

Since this past May, I’ve been working with Joe Miller, a professional contractor and owner of Melina Home Solutions in southeast Florida. We’ve worked on a variety of his cabinetry projects together, like the ones I first mentioned above. He’s an experienced installer who trusts what I do and who I, in turn, can trust to make the cabinetry look its best.

In August, Joe asked me to use CliqStudios cabinetry — which is typically used for kitchen cabinets — for his client’s built-in bed surround. Even though I never had a project quite like this, I was excited to get started and push my design skills.

Cherry Russet Bathroom Vanity from

We used the same cabinet on the bathroom vanity for continuity between the spaces

The Design

Joe’s clients had limited storage in their home. Instead of buying standalone furniture, the goal of the bed surround was to add the much needed storage in an elegant, impressive way that didn’t add clutter. After discussing with Joe what he envisioned, I created a first draft of the cabinetry design.  He then presented it to his clients; we made some small revisions and it became a done deal. In September, we shipped the cabinets!

To get the high-end look Joe’s clients wanted, we used the traditional raised-panel Carlton door in the rich Cherry Russet finish. The details of the cabinets, combined with the crown molding stack at the top really make this a beautiful unit. Joe’s clients love the his and hers nightstands with deep drawers. The open shelving and upper cabinets provide the extra storage they were looking for.

Along with the bed surround, the project also included a bathroom vanity and closet. We used the Carlton cabinets in Cherry Russet again for continuity. The vanity is a simple basic unit with doors in the center and drawer storage on each side. For the closet, we inserted a pantry cabinet into a framed alcove and added molding, giving the bathroom a completely custom look.

The Final Look

Cherry Bathroom Vanity

The finished bathroom vanity

From the beginning I knew that creating the bed surround was going to be a challenge; I would be taking a new idea and trying to craft it within the parameters of the cabinets. I needed to make sure there was enough storage while managing all the small pieces and components of the custom unit. With Joe’s expert installation, we pulled it off. The unit has a uniqueness that really shows what’s possible with a little creativity.

Cherry Closet Cabinets

The cherry closet across from the bathroom vanity.


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  1. Matt Orley Reply

    Wow, that adds incredible value to a master bedroom!

  2. Christine Davis Reply

    This looks great, I want something like that for my room. I will be looking Joe up to do my built-ins once my new walk in closet gets done.

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