Summer is coming to an end. Back to school supplies are popping up in stores and parents are antsy for children to head back to school. Now is the perfect time to schedule your kitchen remodel before time slips away and it falls on to your list of New Years resolutions…again.

To get your new kitchen started, you will need a project timeline. Creating a remodeling timeline from start to finish is like piecing together a puzzle. There will be unique edges to every piece and patience and organization will bring everything together. Your timeline is influenced by a number of factors in your project but we at CliqStudios aim to make your process as easy as possible. We talked to our own CliqStudios designer, Patty Green and CliqStudios project coordinator Michele to put together the pieces needed to complete your timeline puzzle.

Simone dev cliqstudios kitchenSimone dev cliqstudios kitchen


Your project begins with many exciting decisions. You will be forming your budget, measuring your space, researching how-to hire a contractor (or being your own contractor), and starting your relationship with your designer. At CliqStudios, we provide free design services to help you understand the big picture of your remodel. But our help doesn’t stop there. Patty explains, “Even though we don’t sell the other features like flooring and appliances, we help put it all together. I think CliqStudios has been successful because we have access to people with a ton of experience in different ways.”

Homeowners also need to organize installers. This includes plumbers, electricians and more. Michele, a CliqStudios project coordinator, who is currently remodeling her own kitchen, explains her wisdom for creating a timeline. “I tell customers to plan 10 to 12 weeks from design to delivery.”

Also, ask yourself who is going to be doing what for each portion of your project. Patty reminds homeowners to ask themselves, “Who is going to do the work? Is it going to be a contractor? You? Your Uncle Bob?”


Next you will want to consider the delivery of your products. Cabinets typically take four to six weeks to ship. You will also want to build extra time for surprises. For example, it will take a few weeks to replace cabinets damaged in shipping. Also, you’ll want to give yourself time to consider changes to your design. “I’m a visual person and I still struggled to envision everything. My designer helped me see things, including things I wanted that weren’t going to work,” says Michele. Beyond cabinets you’ll need to factor in other features for the kitchen, including flooring, tiles, and appliances.


The day has finally arrived! Your kitchen is underway. You will need to plan for how to keep life going without your normal cooking space. About 2 weeks from when your cabinets deliver, you’ll want to create your short-term kitchen space. Remember, this is not the time to demo your existing kitchen! Instead, this is your time to organize. If the weather is on your side, there are many creative ways to grill your meals outdoors. Otherwise, set-up a smaller version of you a kitchen in another room. With your temporary kitchen in place, you’re ready to pack up the appliances and tool you can live without during your remodel.

Patty encourages homeowners to be ready adapt. “They need to identify that doing the kitchen can be disruptive. Even if you have done a great job planning.” Thankfully, your hard work will be worth the time and effort. For more information on remodeling your kitchen, our CliqStudios’ design team is eager to help you [How to remodel my kitchen?]

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