Retro TV Kitchen – Star Wars Edition

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Aunt Beru - Lars Homestead - Star Wars

Cooking a half-decent meal under twin suns in the scorching hot desert of Tatooine is no small feat, but Aunt Beru always made it look easy!

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Aunt Beru - Lars Homestead - Star Wars


“Well, if there’s a bright center to the universe, you’re on the planet that it’s farthest from.”
―Luke Skywalker, to C-3PO

The very definition of a desert planet, life on Tatooine had always been difficult.  However, Owen and Beru Lars managed to eek out a decent living, and were proud of all they’d accomplished.

The best description of their all they’d built can be found on the Star Wars wiki at Fandom:

The Lars homestead was one of several moisture farms that made up the Great Chott salt flat community, located at the southern extreme of the Jundland Wastes on the Outer Rim desert planet, Tatooine. Located mostly underground and accessed through a pourstone entry dome, the homestead was a warren of interconnected rooms and vast storage areas. Being a moisture farm, there were multiple moisture vaporators scattered around the property, many of them decades old, capable of collecting water from Tatooine’s dry air. Any water obtained was used either for consumption or to water the farm’s marginally profitable hydroponic garden. The homestead was ringed by a rudimentary sensor perimeter of weather monitors and motion detectors, used to monitor weather conditions and detect incoming intruders, such as infamous Tusken Raiders. To conserve power from the property’s supercharged bio-converter power generator and small fusion-cell generators, the compound was shut down after nightfall. The rooms making up the compound included a kitchen, dining room, refresher, storage room, power generator room, vehicle storage area, tech dome garage, and two living quarters. Several droids were used on the premises, including a WED 15 Treadwell repair droid and a several hundred year old EG-6 power droid.[3]

Although a limited amount of scattered information is available about the Lars’ kitchen, we are still able to tell a lot from the handful of images that exist.  The first things we notice is that as part of the underground compound, this area could have been carved out of the ground into just about any shape imaginable.  We’re clearly able to see that it was made into the shape universally agreed upon as the most efficient futuristic space kitchen configuration — that of the classic galley kitchen.

We’re also able to see plenty of storage space in the form of “built-in” cabinetry.  Life on a desert planet is difficult, and for those living outside of the handful of towns, even more so.  Every bit of food was hard to come by and therefore valuable.  Proper storage was key.  The Lars have plenty of space to store their homegrown produce, which was crucial to keep fresh for the long periods between harvests.  There are also refrigerated components for storing batha meat, and blue bantha milk, when it was available.  A small section is also reserved for the handful of highly-prized canned, boxed, and preserved goods that are imported from off-world.  Imported goods were expensive and only rarely producured since their closest source was from merchants in the nearby settlement and space port of Mos Eisley.  Beru’s husband preferred to only visit the town when absolutely necessary due to its reputation throughout the Outer Rim as, “A hive of scum and villany.”

Aunt Beru - Lars Homestead - Star Wars

As for Beru Lars herself, we can easily tell that she is a skilled chef.  Although the Lars’ hydroponic garden is mostly shielded from the harsh winds and unrelenting suns, we can safely assume that only a limited number of fruits and vegetables are able to be grown in such an extreme climate.

Because of its astronomic cost, imported animal-based protein is nearly unheard of on Tatooine, and rarely glimpsed beyond the confines of the Hutt Clan’s palaces.  The only practical source of protein for most inhabitants is the native bantha, whose meat tends to be rather tough and gamey tasting even to its most ardent fans.  Due to the limited types of produce and protein, we can also infer that Beru was adept at using herbs and spices.  She would likely use them to create a variety of different tasting meals using the same limited supply of ingredients.

Aunt Beru - Lars Homestead - Star Wars

This blog post is dedicated to the memory of Owen and Beru Lars, who were mercilessly killed by Imperial Stormtroopers shortly before the destruction of the first Death Star.

May the Fourth


This article uses material from the “Tatooine“, “Bantha,” and “Lars Moisture Farm” articles on the Star Wars wiki at Fandom and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License
Recommended Reading:  “Cooking Star Wars: What is Aunt Beru Feeding Luke and Owen?

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