Retro TV Kitchen – Friends

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Friends TV show kitchen

Admit it:  If you came of age during the late 1990s – early 2000s, at some point one of your life goals was to have an apartment just like Monica’s.

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Friends TV show kitchen

Few other television characters made life in New York City quite as cool as did Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, Joey, Chandler, and Ross.  Their relationships and bohemian-esque lifestyle went a long way to define what life was like in the big city to a whole generation of kids aspiring to strike out on their own.  It was easy to picture yourself grabbing a cup of coffee at Central Perk, then heading back to Joey’s apartment for a game of foosball.  And of course, no one would ever turn down a meal in Monica’s kitchen!

Even if the show had not run for ten years, the purple walls and turquoise cabinets certainly made this a memorable space.  The kitchen’s unusual look can be attributed to Greg Grande, the show’s Set Designer. He specifically wanted the apartment to have “…a whole new kind of eclectic taste with a flea-market, whimsical, and anything-goes style.”

One of the unique aspects of this kitchen is all the open shelving.  Keeping all those boxes, bottles, and jars out in the open certainly contributes to the “eclectic” and “anything goes” style.  Today, most homeowners use open shelves sparingly and with a specific purpose such to display collectibles, preferring instead to hide all those kitchen staples behind cabinet doors and maintain a tidy look to their space.

CliqStudios’ very own self-proclaimed “cabinet geek” and pop culture aficionado Dan Jones makes the following observations about the Friends kitchen:

“The 1980’s and the 1990’s did see a significant change in kitchen design with open spaces, kitchen islands, and detailed decorative features.  In the 90s, the “great room” became part of home design, further blurring the lines between defined rooms and bringing casual living space into the kitchen.  This openness is clearly evident in Monica Geller’s kitchen which flows almost totally unobstructed into the rest of the apartment.  The Friends kitchen is also where we see a dramatic use of the eclectic style, that partly inspired the “shabby chic” movement which maintains a strong influence on interior design today.

Does Friends hold a special place in your heart?  Leave a comment and share your favorite memory of the show!

Friends TV show kitchen



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