Retro TV Kitchen – The Brady Bunch

April 6, 20176 comments

Brady Bunch Kitchen
Editor’s Note: Today we’re starting a whimsical, new series of posts in which we remember our favorite kitchens from television shows of days gone by. Some of the posts we have planned will include images that are sure to pluck at many a nostalgic heartstring. We also will take a look at some more recent portrayals of the ‘heart of the home’ and if possible, may include notes and observations on the evolution of kitchen design from our design staff. You can look forward to seeing these blog posts every Thursday for the coming month or two, as our nod to the internet tradition of #TBT, or “throwback Thursday.”

No conversation of television kitchens could ever possibly omit the kitchen helmed by Florence Henderson and everyone’s favorite live-in housekeeper.

Since family patriarch Mike Brady was an architect, you can bet that his very own kitchen would reflect the latest trends and build styles. Clearly, one of the most striking features of the Brady kitchen is their use of the period color scheme. Never before nor since had rusty orange and avocado green been used with such furvor.
Brady Bunch Kitchen
CliqStudios’ very own self-proclaimed “cabinet geek” and pop culture aficionado Dan Jones makes the following observations about the Brady kitchen:

“Owing in large part to its release in 1969, we see a little of the 60’s and lots of the 70’s in the Brady Bunch kitchen. Earth tones galore as appliances glow harvest gold, copper brown and avocado green; the brick hearth dominates as a focal point of the space. The autumn color scheme trend continued throughout the 1970’s, but as seen here, kitchens became more contemporary and darker wood tones took over. We also see the first reveal of sleek, flat, “slab” doors that went out of style in the late 70’s only to come back again in the early 2000s. Having made its TV debut a few years earlier, the open kitchen design released Mrs. Brady and Alice from seclusion, while the cook-top island enabled better camera angles. Recently developed building materials started making their way into the TV home, which for the Brady’s meant having laminate surfaces everywhere!”

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“More importantly the Brady Bunch began to demonstrate the kitchen as a central gathering space in the home, a transition between the family room and formal living room. Television didn’t drive many changes in kitchen design for the remainder of the 70’s because of the many period shows such as Happy Days, The Walton’s, and M*A*S*H. This nostalgic programming is often thought to have been a comforting, familiar reaction to the great social change that was the decade’s hallmark. The 1970’s is also when we see the rise of powerful female characters, who moved out of the kitchen and into the work place—Mary Tyler Moore, Maude, and Charlie’s Angels.”

Brady Bunch KitchenBrady Bunch Kitchen Brady Bunch Kitchen Brady Bunch KitchenBrady Bunch Kitchen Brady Bunch Kitchen Brady Bunch Kitchen

Hat tip to for many of the images!

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Showing 6 comments

  1. Melissa Reply

    Love it. Is love to have a retro kitchen like the Brady bunch kitchen 🙂

  2. JeweledSkye Reply

    Color schemes come and go, I believe the avocado green is a 70’s new incarnation of the 30’s & 40’s jadeite green. Then we saw hunter green become popular in kitchens in the 90’s, followed by aqua which was another throwback to the 40s and 50s.

  3. Serena Reply

    I always liked the idea of the indoor barbeque grill with it’s own chimney. It predates the Jen-Air indoor grill/ranges of the 90’s. Separating the ovens from the stove cooktop was genius….it adds storage and cupboard space.

  4. Ana D Carrasquillo-Manley Reply

    I love the kitchen colors. I love the burnt orange/brown which I have in my bathroom all year round and in my dining room during the month of October and November. Th green is in my kitchen all year round. Lime green/brown in my master bedroom and blue teal with white in my guess room. I would do wonders with wall colorings but I live in a rented condo and we are only aloud white walls.

  5. Karol Reply

    I always laughed at the fact there was no glass in those sliding doors. Every time it was used, the curtain went right through😄 However, I loved the series💓

  6. Ro Ro Belardo Reply

    I think the whole kitchen along with the house is Groovy ☺

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