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Rethinking Wallpaper

February 6, 2017No comments

Simply the word “wallpaper” can conjure up memories that make some people shiver.

Rethinking WallpaperSome can recall their grandparent’s homes, their walls covered with paper dating back to the last renovation during the 1960’s or 70’s.  Bold patterns and colors were all the rage at the time, and many homeowners embraced those trends. Staring at some of those patterns for too long was not recommended!

Others remember the experience of hanging wallpaper.  Spending hours, if not days, cutting sheets in just the right way to match patterns.  Then spending countless more hours trying to hang the paper straight and pushing out all the air bubbles.  The results rarely approached perfection, and left many homeowners frustrated, and with sore arms covered in glue.

At the risk of saying that what’s old is new again, wallpaper is making a comeback.  However, since this is definitely not your grandpappy’s wallpaper, is this something actually all new?

We spotted some fun new trends in wallpaper that are worth looking into.  Most wallpaper now comes with the glue already applied, eliminating lots of headaches right off the bat.  There are even new types of adhesives that allow paper to go up and come back down with no special tools or preparation — just like a giant sticky note!

Metallic — Bring some serious bling to your home.  Metals are making a big splash this year in the design world, so why would your walls be any exception? The subtle reflections and sparkles in metallic wallpaper can add a lot of dimension to otherwise flat walls.

Embossed — Why try for the illusion of dimension when you can have it! Embossed wallpaper brings textured luxury to any room.  These raised patterns can look a lot like vintage plaster work, and give your space a very classic look and feel.

Digital — Wide-format printing has gotten big in recent years.  Not surprisingly, this advancement has gone beyond billboards and full-color vinyl wraps for cars.  You can get wallpaper printed in just about any pattern you’d like, or even have your favorite family photo reproduced!

Leave a comment to let us know how you’re going to use this newest generation of wallpaper!

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