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Be Ready for January Appliance Sales

December 17, 2015No comments

One of your first tasks in planning a kitchen remodel is to select appliances, since your kitchen designer will need measurements and model numbers for your refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave, and range / wall ovens and cooktop before finalizing the layout. These hard-working machines represent a major part of your remodel budget (typically 15%) and need to perform every day for years, so it is worth your time to learn about features and shop for the best prices. January is a great time to buy, since retailers need to clear out last-year models.

kitchen island built from traditional cherry cabinets has microwave drawer (open), sink and white marble countertop

The microwave drawer, shown above, is a safe, convenient alternative to a microwave over the range or high on a wall.

A good place to start your research is an appliance store, where salespeople will be better informed than those in a home improvement store. Visit the store on a weekday, when your salesperson will have more time. Ask questions about features, fashion trend and performance and reliability across has double wall ovens in white shaker cabinets and glass cooktop on black granite countertop below glass range hood

Double wall ovens separated from the sleek glass cooktop leave the chef ample prep space in the cooking zone.

By now you will probably have fallen in love with some sexy options – maybe double wall ovens, an induction cooktop, a pro range, a microwave drawer or an industrial-size refrigerator. Take a close look at how you really use your kitchen before deciding what will be on your must-have list. For instance, if space is limited, a wall oven may not be the answer. This is a good time to touch base with your kitchen designer for suggestions on what appliances will work best in your space, and to search Houzz discussions to learn what has worked for others.

transitional kitchen has white shaker cabinets with professional gas range and under-counter microwave across from black pantry cabinets and furniture-style island

The professional gas range takes center stage in this Shaker kitchen. If your dreams include a pro cooktop, plan for a proportionately powerful vent hood.

Now you know what features you want, it’s time to take your research online and see how brands rate for energy efficiency, reliability and price. Good websites include Consumer Reports (the modest subscription fee is a bargain) and the Yale Appliance Blog (no fee, and unbiased information on brands).

January is a great time to shop for appliance bargains, since dealers need to clean out any remaining inventory from the previous year, and online outlet stores have new inventory coming in. If you are buying locally, shop at the end of the month, when salespeople who are paid on commission or have quotas to fill will be eager to close that sale. Always negotiate, asking for a little better deal or an extra throw-in feature before you look pleased with the price. Shop on a weekday, when your salesperson has time to look up stock numbers and check with the manager about an extra discount for that barely noticeable scratch. If you buy online, check reviews to see how the company rates for on-time delivery.

Congratulations, you are well on your way to enjoying your new kitchen! Next step – design your space.

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