Quick, Colorful Kitchen Design Tips From Kitchen Cousins

February 10, 20123 comments

Colorful patterned green shades from The Shade Store.

Colorful shades from The Shade Store.

In a recent issue of People magazine, the Kitchen Cousins Anthony Carrino and John Colaneri listed a few of their favorite kitchen items. The New Jersey duo own a construction company that remodels East Coast homes featured on HGTV. Most of their projects involve major construction issues, but they have some suggestions for quickly updating your kitchen design. Bstylehome added the resources to find the materials for your update:

1. Add pattern by hanging “roller shades in fun textures and bold patterns.”

This is a great tip to add color. That bright, almost neon yellow-green color is popular this season.

2. Change a ceramic back splash color

Instead of ripping out good tile, choose a color and paint over the ceramic for a completely new look. Explore more about CliqStudios backsplash ideas here.

3. Add patterned plates to shelves

The cousins like to add patterned plates to shelves in the kitchen for another punch of pattern and color. Check out the seasonal isle at Target for brightly patterned ceramic or plastic plate options. Think about leaning them or hanging them in your open cupboards for some added visual interest.

4. Bold rug patterns

A bold rug can add much needed color or texture to a room. The Kitchen Cousins look for larger patterns to add scale to the room.

5. Add colorful counter top appliances.

Look for your favorite color to add that fun, personal element in your kitchen. For example, a coffee maker, bean grinder, toaster or just about any countertop appliance.

6. Feature accent pieces with bright color.

Adding color can be a quick and optional update if you are feeling tired of the neutral backgrounds at home. Even a bowl of fruit can bring cheer and life back to the heart of the home — our kitchen.

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  1. Sarah Wallace Reply

    I recently seen an episode where they redid an older kitchen. They painted the cabinets a blueish greenish color and I am trying to find the color name. Can someone please help me? The couple wanted the kitchen to stay in the period as the house but modernized. So the cabinets was painted. I loved the color and want the name of color and manufacturer so I can purchase it. Thanks for any help!

  2. candace petrone Reply

    I have been waiting for an opportunity to ask where the wall covering used on episode 11 is available
    here in NJ. I keep missing what you say every time I see the show. I refuse to finish my accent wall
    until I can learn more about this product. I am certain it is the right one for me.

    • August Drilling Reply

      Hi, Candace. Sorry, I can’t specifically help you out. We simply wrote an article about Kitchen Cousins and haven’t seen the show. It looks like episode 11 will be airing in a few days, hopefully you can catch it and find out what they said!
      Best of luck!

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