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Project Spotlight: Contemporary Urban Warehouse Loft Conversion

June 5, 2013No comments

One look inside this urban loft and it’s clear this is a special, one-of-a-kind space. It has architectural elements designers dream about. The open concept, distressed brick, beautifully aged exposed wood beams, and treated I-beams come together to create an ambiance that’s as warm and inviting as it is historical.

Warehouse Loft Living Room

Can’t beat this space!

After speaking with the client on the phone and he mentioned he was converting part of a 200-year-old warehouse into a weekend loft getaway, I was beyond excited. I’d always wanted to work on a loft project, and now was my chance. He said he had received a quote from one of the major big box stores, but wanted to compare prices with

The client and I immediately hit it off, and we developed a great working relationship, swapping ideas via email and phone. It’s nice when you and your clients just “click.” At the time, I was planning my wedding, and he gave me great marriage advice. He was down-to-earth, very practical, and had clearly done his research. Because of his great personality and the uniqueness of the space, I could tell this was going to be a fun project to work on.

Dayton Birch Sable Cabinets Kitchen Wall 2

The deep drawers provide the needed storage.

The Style

At the get-go, he shared his vision for the loft and said there were little boundaries with what we could do. The loft wasn’t going to be his primary home. Rather, it was a second home for weekend trips and entertaining friends. He wanted a transitional look with warmth that played to the open layout design. Along with the basic amenities, simplicity, symmetry, and functionality were key in the kitchen.

The client contemplated a few finishes but ultimately settled on Birch Sable with the simple shaker-style Dayton door. This dark wood finish is more in-tune with transitional style and would better complement the exposed beams and contemporary shine of the stainless steel appliances. It also worked well with the burnt orange paint he selected to bring out the reds of the exposed brick.

Dayton Birch Sable Cabinets Kitchen Island

Barstool seating, perfect for entertaining.

The Kitchen

With the style and finish nailed down, we moved onto the cabinetry layout and design. We didn’t need a lot of cabinets, but I wanted to make a big impact. With simplicity in mind, I designed a straight island with a raised counter and barstool seating for five. We located the sink in the center of the island, opposite the range, to create an easy workflow within the space. Two sets of stacked deep drawers to the left of the range provide plenty of room to store cookware. Standard wall cabinets above hold the dishware. On both ends, short walls bookend the cabinetry, giving it a built-in look. A mellow tan granite and reflective glass tile backsplash complete the space.

Dayton Birch Sable Cabinets Kitchen Wall

Symmetry was key.

The Bathroom

We moved on to the bathroom cabinetry after completing the kitchen. We started from scratch here too, so I had full control to create the vanity. Working outside of rigid boundaries certainly is a luxury! Again, symmetry was important in the bathroom, so his and hers sinks and drawer storage were fitting. We designed the rest of the bath, including wall and fixture placements, around the vanity

When I finally saw pictures of the finished space, I was blown away. Its openness, the age, the furnishings, and all the textures are fantastic. The client loved how it all turned out. I’m so happy I finally got to work on a loft project, and am thankful the client chose to work with us at It’s his dream city escape. I wish it was mine too!

Dayton Birch Sable Cabinets Bathroom Vanite

The finished bathroom vanity.

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