Your kitchen idea file is where you will capture inspiration, separate wants and needs into an organized plan, and insure against losing track of details. Whether your project is years down the road or you plan on starting in just a few weeks, an idea file is a great place to start. Include anything that strikes your fancy, questions for product experts, your designer, and your online community.

by mohitlakhmani.

Here Are a Few Tips on Building the File.

  • Take notes always.
  • Have your phone or a notebook with you every waking hour to jot down ideas and snap photos.
  • Get a plastic bin. Use this for tile and cabinet samples, pictures you tear out of magazines in waiting rooms, and the booklet you picked up at the appliance store. Note: a shoebox will not be big enough.
  • Classify ideas and images into groups early in the process – it will help you later.

Begin With These:

  1. Budget and deals
  2. Appliances
  3. Cabinets
  4. Flooring, backsplash, countertops, decor
  5. Floor plan and island
  6. Electrical and plumbing: light fixtures, outlets and switches, sinks and faucets
  7. Hiring contractors and (for the do-it-yourselfer) how-to videos and articles

More Tips…

  • Start a Houzz ideabook. Houzz is a website and online community focused on home improvement and interior design. You can save pictures from anywhere on the Internet (and your phone) to your Houzz idea book. If you post a question, members of the community will respond with a wealth of ideas. It is also a great place to shop for products and contractors.
  • Cruise Pinterest, a bookmarking site where you can pin and view photos from around the Internet. In this network of millions, the focus is on creativity. Pins (bookmarks) cover almost every topic imaginable. Be prepared to see a lot of food and jewelry! The infographic on the left (click to enlarge) compares Houzz and Pinterest as resources for kitchen design ideas and idea files.
  • Set up a free file storage and sharing account on a site like Google Drive or Dropbox. Upload photos, website links and documents from your phone or computer. You determine what access to give family members, friends and your designer.
  • Set up your Houzz, Pinterest and file-sharing accounts on your mobile phone. This way you can easily upload and share snapshots and observations when you are out and about.

Lastly, when you have a question, or are ready to start putting it all together, touch base with our design studio (888-350-1242) and get tips from one of our kitchen pros on how to turn your inspiration into reality. (Our design services are always free, with no obligation.)