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The Perfect Housewarming Gift

June 26, 2017No comments

Summer is now well upon us, and as anyone in the real estate industry will tell you, this is also the season of home buying.

Dreams of moving into a new home often start during the holidays.  After a long, cold winter, people will often venture outside and start visiting open house events in early spring.  Pretty soon, they’ve found a realtor and are scheduling their one home visits.  Average home buyers spend 30-60 days looking at homes; the contract to close date is usually close to another month.

This typical timeline of about two to four months puts us right at the beginning of summer.  As such, don’t be surprised to start seeing invitation to housewarming parties showing up in your mailbox, and from your friends on social media.

When it’s time to choose a gift for the new home owners, there are many options.  We would like to suggest that you go the practical route.  Even if they’re not do-it-yourself types, there will always be small, odd jobs to be done around the house.

The most common needs will involve actually only a handful of the most basic tools. We’ve put together a short list that will get most folks off and running.  Thinking about these tools, we taking convenience, compact storage, and multiple uses into consideration, and have noted those along the way. | Starter Home Tool Kit EssentialsStarter Home Tool Kit Essentials

  • Hammer – Best overall weight option is 16 oz; look for one with a handle that absorbs vibrations.
  • Hex/Allen Wrenches – Instead of having several small keys to lose, pick up a “multi-tool” where the wrenches hide in the handle when not in use.
  • Screwdriver – Skip the “set” and choose a multi-bit model with bit storage in the handle. One with ratcheting action is even better!
  • Utility Knife – One of those tools that you never need until you really need it. Slide-out vs folding is a personal choice, but either way look for one with extra blade storage in the handle.
  • Level – Get two! Mid-size of about 2 feet for larger jobs and a “mini” one that’s just 6-8 inches, which is perfect for hanging artwork.
  • Tape Measure – The fatter the tape, the longer it will “stand out” when extended, which makes measuring larger objects much easier.
  • Adjustable Wrench – The wider it opens, the more useful! But larger handles may not fit where you need them. Choose wisely!
  • Needle-Nose Pliers – Useful for a ton of reasons including crafts and having to fish items out of tight spaces.  New homeowners find these especially handy when changing out any electrical outlets or installing new wired lighting.
  • Rubber Mallet – Easily overlooked, and yet, sometimes you just gotta whack stuff without damaging it.
  • Safety Gear – Even the most basic of safety goggles and work gloves should get the job done!

Bonus Gear

  • Tool Box – For the most basic set up, we recommend picking up a 5-gallon bucket from any hardware store, and add a “tool bucket” canvas liner. This gives you plenty of room for everything on our list, and because it started life as a bucket, it is dual-purpose by default.
  • LED Flashlight – Because using your cell phone isn’t always an option. Regardless of size, a magnetic handle, a built-in hook , carbiner, or other mounting doo-dad will free up both hands to tackle the job that needs illuminating.  Don’t be fooled by the hype; 50 lumens is plenty.
  • Power Drill/Driver – If there’s only one power tool to own, it’s a cordless drill and screwdriver combo.  Although the options are nearly endless, most homeowners will do quite well with a basic 12-volt model.  Just about every type now comes with settings for two speeds and variable torque.


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