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Kitchen Design Blog

kitchen island looks out through broad windows flanked by glass cabinets

More Glass, More Light!

January 17, 2017No comments

An unparalleled way to achieve a truly breathtaking kitchen transformation, many omeowners will consider upgrading or enlarging kitchen windows as part of their remodel. You’ll be amazed at how your new kitchen will be unrecogizable as the same space with more natural light flooding in through more or larger windows.

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Zera Food Recycler

Gadget Makes Compost in Your Kitchen

January 16, 2017No comments

Zera Food Recycler turns your food scraps into rich, dark, healthy compost in about 24 hours, via a simple and convenient process. Zera’s goal is to make the world a greener place by reducing the amount of food waste going into landfills by enabling more people to embrace creating compost as part of their daily lives.

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