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white and gray shaker cabinets in colonial home new construction

On The Rise: 2018 Kitchen Design Trends

August 16, 20171 comment

Design trends tend start in other parts of the home, and eventually make their way to the kitchen. There have been several trends we have spotted which have started to bubble up, and these are some of our favorites that we feel will really start to get big in 2018.

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Kitchen of the Week – Orlando, FL

July 21, 2017No comments

This kitchen was designed in partnership with one of our remodeling professionals, who learned about CliqStudios from his brother, yet another contractor. (seems to run in the family) After hearing lots of praise about the kitchen design process, seeing the quality, and functionality, the choice to work with CliqStudios kitchen designer Andrew was an easy one!

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CliqStudios Kitchen Design Rendering

Kitchen of the Week – Orinda, CA

July 14, 2017No comments

This homeowner is a big fan of the clean lines of mid-century modern design, and wanted to achieve a very sleek look. Nothing too busy or cluttered, yet it had to have immediate
visual appeal. CliqStudios designer Evan took our minimalist, slab door “Style 31” cabinets in our signature paint color Harbor and created this very modern space with a retro vibe.

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The Perfect Housewarming Gift

June 26, 2017No comments

When it’s time to choose a gift for the new home owners, there are many options. We would like to suggest that you go the practical route. Even if they’re not do-it-yourself types, there will always be small, odd jobs to be done around the house.

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