Our Favorite Two-Tone Kitchen Designs

April 18, 20194 comments

An ongoing trend in the world of kitchen design is two-tone cabinetry. Whether to create contrast or visual interest, two-tone cabinetry adds something special to a kitchen design. Two tone cabinets can be used to add variety, a pop of color or balance out a space. At CliqStudios our designers have used two-tone cabinetry in many kitchen designs [Where do I get the best design ideas?]. Here is a look at some of our most memorable two-tone kitchen designs.

Built-in Furniture Look

As we’ve discussed previously, a growing trend is cabinetry that has a built-in look. Using a second color for built-in cabinetry helps highlight those pieces.

A black and white kitchen remodel.

This New Jersey kitchen incorporates a splash of black by creating a pantry area in the CliqStudios finish, Carbon. Adding molding that differentiates it from the white cabinetry in the majority of the kitchen and makes the piece look more like furniture. The result is a two-tone kitchen is high in contrast.

Kitchen Island

Another way to create a two-tone effect in your kitchen is to add a different color to your kitchen island. With the growing popularity of kitchen islands, choosing a complementary color for yours will help it stand out.

A kitchen using CliqStudios Dayton and Mendota cabinets in white around the perimeter and black for the island.

This two-tone contemporary farmhouse is a perfect example of how to seamlessly blend different colors and styles in a single design. The kitchen has a traditional style around the perimeter of the kitchen using Mendota cabinets. The island uses Shaker style Dayton cabinets.

Modern two-toned shaker style kitchen in white and navy. Features open shelves, an oriental runner and stainless steel range hood.

In this kitchen, the homeowners achieved a modern but timeless look that will keep the kitchen up to date for years to come. The white base and wall cabinets combine well with the navy island.

Boost Your Base Cabinets

Two-tone cabinets can also create balance and visual interest in your kitchen. grounding base cabinets with darker shades helps your upper cabinets shine with beautiful whites. Mixing neutrals might be just the touch your kitchen needs.

A black and white kitchen using CliqStudios Dayton cabinets, carbon on the base cabinets and white above.

The homeowners of this elegant kitchen wanted a tuxedo effect in their kitchen, something that would be timeless no matter how trends change. The black base cabinets ground the design, while the white upper cabinets keep the room bright and light.

CliqStudios shaker-style Dayton cabinets in Studio Gray and Painted White

This kitchen shows how two-tone cabinetry adds visual interest in a kitchen. The Studio Gray base cabinets to ground the design. The contrast with the upper white cabinets opens the space up and adds a light and bright touch.

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  1. Lisa Tuck Reply

    When will you be adding more color choices?

    • CliqStudios Social Media Reply

      We will update our “Explore Cabinets” page as more selections become available!

  2. Swagatika Rath Reply

    This kitchen is so wonderful & so much space are available..

  3. Jessica Darcey Reply

    Amazing. I’ve fallen in love with the New Jersey kitchen idea. The black cabinets bring out the white in the space and the kitchen simply lights up. Great ideas, thank you!

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