Our Favorite Ideas for Super Organized Kitchen Cabinet Drawers

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You could lose yourself for a few hours watching “how to organize your home” videos. They can be quite hypnotic and calming, especially those where someone like Marie Kondo shows you how to fold a shirt or a fitted sheet. There’s nothing quite like having a calm, organized house. Naturally, our focus is on the kitchen, especially cabinet drawer organization ideas.

Speaking of Marie Kondo, her KonMari Method is built around the minimalist idea that if an object doesn’t “spark joy” within you, then you should release it into the world. If it’s broken, either fix it or trash it. If it’s fine but you just no longer love it, then you should sell it or donate it.

Overall, the method makes sense. But if you have a ton of utensils and stuff, you could spend days just holding items one-by-one and asking yourself if a spatula, wooden spoon or that coffee mug you got on a trip to Hoboken in the ‘90s makes you joyful enough to hang onto it.

So, once you’ve pared down and decluttered your kitchen cabinet drawers — keeping only the joyful items — how do you organize them? To help you get that well-organized kitchen feeling, we’ve gathered together a few ideas.


Knife Block Drawer Insert

If you cook or do any sort of food prep, sharp knives are invaluable tools. But keeping them stashed loose in a drawer can dull them pretty quickly. Keep your knives organized, sharp, and out of sight with the knife block drawer insert. The dividers in our inserts are made of 1/2″ solid hardwood with melamine veneer.

Tiered Storage Drawer Insert

It’s like having a secret compartment in your kitchen drawer. The two-tiered insert doubles the storage surface of a single drawer box for silverware and utensils. The top tray glides independently on side-mounted steel slides, providing three-quarter access to the bottom tray.

Tiered drawer insert in Style 31 door and Painted Studio Gray with the second tier storing silverware open revealing the layer underneath

Spice Drawer Insert

If you use a lot of herbs and spices in your cooking, this is one of the best kitchen cabinet organization ideas for you. This handy insert will keep those tiny jars from tumbling out of your cabinet when all you need is the dried basil. The spice drawer insert conveniently organizes everything you need into a dedicated drawer close to your cooking area. The tiered layout reduces clutter and makes each and every container easy to see and easy to reach.

A drawer with a spice drawer insert, filled with spices.


Peg Drawer

Store your dishes in the peg drawer base cabinet for easy access and to keep them from knocking into each other. Removable birch hardwood pegs allow you to customize and rearrange each drawer. This way, you can arrange different dish and bowl sizes to fit however you wish. Items stay secure and within reach, for adults and kids alike.

Peg drawer organizer storing plates, dishes, and bowls. Shown in CliqStudios Dayton style, Painted Urban Stone

Multi-Storage Drawer

The multi-storage drawer is great for storing and organizing all sorts of things. If you want to neatly store lots of different items, then this is the versatile drawer organizer for you. The sturdy and removable dividers provide customizable options for tidying up your pantry items. Baking dishes, saucepans, lids, bowls and storage containers all fit nicely.

CliqStudios Dayton Cabinet in Painted Linen Multi-Storage Drawer cabinet. Drawer has wooden dividers and is filled with food.

Pots & Pans Drawer

Perfect for your biggest and heaviest cookware, this versatile pots & pans drawer features full extension guides that let you easily slide the contents out to you. Never find yourself on your hands and knees to get contents from the back of the cabinet again. No more crouching down to find your favorite stock pot or cast iron skillet either!

CliqStudios Dayton Cabinet in Painted Linen Multi-Storage Drawer cabinet Organizing Lids for Pots & Pans

These kitchen cabinet drawer organizers are just a few of the many storage solutions we offer at CliqStudios. Check out our Kitchen Cabinet Storage Ideas page where you can browse by feature, including Pantry Storage, Corner Cabinet Organizers, Pull-Out and Roll-Out Storage, and many others.

As always, if you’re planning a kitchen remodel project and are curious about organizing your new cabinets, reach out to one of our professional kitchen designers for a free design or any questions you have.

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