Multi-Functional Kitchen Lighting Solutions with Style

July 9, 20142 comments

Is your kitchen a gathering space, a work site, or an expression of your personal style? The typical kitchen serves those purposes and possibly more. No one lighting solution will fill the bill. Instead, you need a tiered solution. A lighting solution that can singly or in combination provide overall ambiance. As well as light up a work area, or spotlight art and fine dishware. Wire lighting for each purpose on a separate switch, add a dimmer, as well as fine-tune illumination to any occasion.

chandelier in windowed corner of kitchen

All in the Details

Achieve a sense of harmony by selecting light fixtures to complement other features in the room. In the image above, pendant lights reflect the style and color of the faucet and cabinet hardware. Additionally, the clear globes enhance the light, bright effect of the mullion cabinets.

Elegance is in the details. Trim molding around the lower edge of wall cabinets conceals counter-top lighting. Furthermore, the island chandelier and pendant light provide delightful focal points and draw in visitors. Interior lights in glass-front mullion cabinets spotlight fine china for example. Positioned on either side of the window, they also create a wall of light. Recessed fixtures on adjustable dimmers also provide the appropriate ambiance for any situation.

Explore non-traditional fixtures and applications. For instance, a chandelier tucked in a windowed corner can provide a delightful bit of sparkle. Pendant lights like the ones shown here catch the eye and illuminate the room.


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transitional gray kitchen remodeled with white countertops and glass cabinet doors
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  1. Becky Gamble Reply

    Hello, Karen,
    Cabinets and flooring are big investments, so you are right to look for advice before going forward. Feel free to contact our kitchen design studio at 800.576.7930 for professional advice. You might also find good ideas in our CliqStudios photo gallery. The first kitchen featured there has a black refrigerator surrounded by a creamy linen color of cabinet.

  2. karen Reply

    Hi I just got a house and didn’t like the kitchen my appliances is black. what color should my cabinet and floor be. My carpet is gray. Please help m

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