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More Glass, More Light!

January 17, 2017No comments

Adding more, larger windows continues to be a popular trend in residential interior design. The majority of homeowners want to see more and more natural light enter their homes. It’s a quest that goes back to the times of castles and pioneer log cabins. The reasons behind it are pretty straight-forward.

Without having to expel energy on felling trees for firewood or spending money on electricity, windows are a fairly economical way to simply be able to see inside your home! Moreover, humans generally prefer natural light to artificial, be that fire or any type of lightbulb. Natural light wakes you up in the morning, and regulates circadian rhythms keeping you alert during the day. Natural light improves the way objects look, adding to the vibrancy of colors and making textures pop. Some say that it even makes food even taste better, hence the popularity of “al fresco” dining, restaurant patios, and why everyone always asks to be seated by the window!

kitchen of Seattle houseboat has cherry Shaker cabinets, a large center island and wall of floor to ceiling windows looking out on the Hood Canal

Cherry cabinets frame this Seattle home’s view of Hood Canal and the Olympic mountains.

We’ve seen larger and larger windows show up as design features in southern states and warmer climates for many years.  Without having to flight cold temperatures, it was a pretty simple matter for manufacturers to create these expansive sheets of glass and not worry about insulation.  Of course, it was only a matter of time before us northerners went on vacation down south, saw how much better life was with those big windows, and wanted it for ourselves!

Fortunately, technological innovation has come to the rescue, and given homeowners more options than ever to bring natural light inside! With improved manufacturing techniques, new types of insulation, glass coatings, and refinement of the glass making process itself, large windows and sliding glass doors are now available for homes in just about any climate.  Minnesota’s own Marvin Windows and Doors just released a casement window that’s available up to a size of 4 by 8 feet — that’s the size of a sheet of plywood.  Wow!

An unparalleled way to achieve a truly breathtaking kitchen transformation, many homeowners will consider upgrading or enlarging kitchen windows as part of their remodel.  You’ll be amazed at how your new kitchen will be unrecognizable as the same space with more natural light flooding in through more or larger windows.  This was certainly true for the kitchen of CliqStudios’ customer Phil in Seattle, who installed floor-to-ceiling windows to properly show off his waterfront view!   Check out Phil’s before-and-after photo here.

Dramatically altering your kitchen like this requires a much more extensive renovation project, so please be aware of your remodeling timeline.  It’s crucial to allow enough time for pulling permits, demolition, window installation, inspector visit(s), and those pesky unexpected improvements or repairs that come along with all home improvement projects.

One place to start thinking about how long your project will take is to check out our typical kitchen remodeling timeline.  Every kitchen and remodeling project is unique, and the timeline that we’ve developed is to be used only as a guide when creating your own.  If, however, your project does include upgrading windows, moving or removing walls, or anything else beyond simply replacing your existing cabinets, we strongly urge you to consult with a professional contractor to protect yourself and your home.



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