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Kitchen Remodel Construction Part 2: Finish Construction

January 19, 20121 comment

White kitchen cabinets from CliqStudios

Flooring, cabinetry, countertops, backsplashes, and appliances can finally be installed in the exciting last stage of your remodel. Cliq’s Rockford Painted White cabinets are pictured.

The last step to complete before your new kitchen is ready is the remodel finish construction stage. This is the most exciting part of the remodel because, after all the behind-the-scenes work is completed, the finishing touches are put on the room and everything the homeowners really care about is put in its place.

Plan ahead

All of the major purchases, like the kitchen cabinets, appliances, and more, can finally be installed. To speed up the progress of this stage, all products should be ordered far in advance to ensure that they are delivered before they are needed. There’s nothing worse than the delay caused by waiting days or even weeks for a product to come.

Be cautious with RTA cabinets

On a similar note, if you purchase ready-to-assemble cabinets have them built and ready to install before they are needed. One way to save many hours assembling these cabinets or paying your contractor’s workers to assemble them for you is to purchase CliqStudios cabinets which are delivered complete and ready for installation directly from the factory.

Cabinets and countertops

Each step in this stage is dependent on the success of the previous step. For example, after the cabinetry is installed, the countertops can be put on. The cabinets must be installed perfectly so the countertops will be level. For reasons like these, rush work is not encouraged.

Last steps: Flooring, fixtures, and appliances

Next, the sink and faucet, backsplash, and flooring can be installed. Then, the large appliances, like the refrigerator, oven, stove top, and microwave can be put in their places. Finally, the décor and lighting can be put up, and any touch-ups can be made.

Only the most fun step remains: unpacking!

Estimated Timing for Finish Construction:

Cabinetry installation: 2–4 days

Countertop installation: 1–2 days

Flooring installation: 2 days

Appliances, sink, and faucet installation: 1–2 days

Backsplash installation: 1–2 days

Finishing touches (décor, lighting, etc.): 2–3 days

Unpacking: Up to 7 days

For more information on the remodeling process, check out the CliqStudios Kitchen Remodeling Guide.


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  1. Yadi Reply

    Contact your local Building Code office. If any elecrtical or plumbing is done, you will likely need a permit and inspection. The problem will surface if you decide to sell the home. Most home buyers are now hiring Home Inspectors and they can tell if improvements or other work has been done.

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