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  1. Linda Reply

    This kitchen is amazing. Congrats on the design! Can you tell me about the countertops. They pull it all together. Thanks

  2. Nancy Hughes Reply

    what are the counters? Marble or quartz?

  3. Tammy Ensley Reply

    Awesome job Josh! We just finished our kitchen with designer Erin Chapman. I really like the subway tile you used, it sets the cabinets off beautifully. What color did you use and is the tile glass? Thanks Josh and again beautiful work. Tammy Ensley

    • Tom Majewski Reply

      Hello Tammy! Glad to hear that you just wrapped up your design. These images are just computer renderings, so backsplash is really just a representation of a generic subway tile.

  4. Nancy Reply

    Stunning design! I’d love to know the paint color. It’s perfect.

    • Tom Majewski Reply

      Hello Nancy! These images are just computer renderings, so there’s not real paint color associated. Josh has been favoring various shades of teal in his renderings lately.

  5. Maryann Reply

    What is the name of the counter top?

  6. Ashley Reply

    Love it!

  7. Allison Wilkins Reply

    Awesome work, Josh! I love this design.

    • Joshua McCorkle Reply

      Thank you Allison!

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