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Keeping Your Family Safe – Household Poisons

April 28, 2017No comments

Common Household Poisons
You may think that your home is safe with smoke alarms in every room, carbon monoxide detectors, and a home security system.  Yet many don’t realize danger still lurks in many places around your house.  Some of the most common substances that every household has, from bleach to toilet cleaner can be poisonous to people or pets or both. You can never be too careful, so be sure to store even questionable items away from young children and pets in order to keep everyone safe.

Here are a few items of which to be aware, know where they are, and how they’re stored.

Common Household Poisons Taking Care of Your Automobiles

Even the least mechanically inclined people often keep a few things on hand to care for their cars and trucks.  Antifreeze and engine oil are both very poisonous and should be kept at a level where pets that have free access to your garage cannot reach them.  Dogs are especially attracted to antifreeze because it has a sweet scent and taste.  A few sips of either can cause serious damage and may be overlooked in an area outside the main part of your house.

Keeping Creepy Crawlers in Check

If you live in an area with roaches, ants, mice or rats, you may keep traps or bait on hand.  Bait for both of these annoying little critters has insecticide to help send them to the beyond, but also often incorporate more common, edible items like peanut butter.  Don’t let a youngster think they’re having something perfectly okay by keeping this harmful product too close to food or in easy reach.  Teach your kids about traps and make sure to store these harmful poisons out of reach AND out of sight.

A Tidy Home is a Safe Home

Nobody buys new cleaners every time you want to take care of your kitchen and bath, so you’re going to have some things on-hand.  Toilet cleaner, bleach, and general cleaning products all contain at least one ingredient that will ruin your day if anyone in your household happens to ingest any.  Bleach and many other cleaning products can also cause severe nose and eye irritation, which might not be deadly, but certainly isn’t comfortable.  So even adults should be very careful when mopping and scrubbing – consider using gloves and make sure your work area is well-ventilated.

In general, make everyone aware of where you store any items that could be hazardous.  Keep them out of the reach of pets and small children to avoid any accidental contact.  If someone does ingest a harmful substance, consult the label to see what actions to take.  Do not induce vomiting as that may actually cause additional damage.  Last but not least, keep the number to poison control in your area somewhere easy to find, like on the refrigerator, but don’t hesitate to call 9-1-1!

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Common Household Poisons

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