One of most important steps in planning a kitchen remodel is to consult with a professional designer. And doing so as early in the process as possible. Whether the service is free (as at CliqStudios) or you are paying by the hour, a little preparation will help you get the most out of the time you work together. We suggest you have the following at hand when you have your first design session:

Measurements of Your Kitchen

You can start the design process with rough dimensions of your space, but early in the process, you will want to provide precise measurements. Our Measuring Guide includes a video and step-by-step downloadable instructions. And our design team is always available to answer any questions.

Pictures of Your Current Space

Your designer, never having used your current space, will see it in a fresh light. Photos may reveal opportunities or obstacles you haven’t thought of. A soffit may conceal wiring or vents. Moving an appliance may give you more storage for less money. Your designer has the training and experience to advise you on how to get the most out of your space.

measuring guide sketchmeasuring guide sketch


When considering your investment in a remodel, have a clear number in mind, one that includes some flexibility to cover unexpected events. One of your designer’s goals will be to help you create a beautiful kitchen while staying within that budget. Your designer can also help set your budget.


Have you been clipping magazine articles, or bookmarking kitchens on Pinterest and Houzz? Share some these with your designer, who may have creative strategies to get that WOW kitchen while staying within your budget.

Input From Household Members

Ask every person who uses the kitchen for wants and needs. You may overrule some requests, but you could also gain some valuable insight.

How Does the Online Kitchen Process Work?

From customer reviews, we know some had initial misgivings about an online kitchen design process, but found it to be smooth and easy. Your designer will use the phone, email, and special computer software to work with you. You will enjoy the flexibility of meeting at your convenience, from your home or office. When the initial drawings are ready, your designer will share your computer screen and walk you through the space, making changes as you watch.

Ready? Start your free kitchen design today!