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How to Install a New Refrigerator

April 21, 2017No comments

Installing a RefrigeratorAs one of the biggest appliances in your home, buying and installing a new refrigerator is no small task!  And these days, it may also turn out to be one of the most expensive appliances in your home too.  Many newer connected or smart refrigerator models come with built-in computer screens, multiple doors, K-cup brewers, and many other gadgets that can easily drive the cost of a fancy fridge to well over $10,000.

Whether you end up buying a fridge that can order a pizza for you, or simply one that keeps your soda cold, keep these tips in mind to ensure smooth and proper installation:

  1. Unbox outside and save yourself a lot of hassle. The box is bigger than the fridge itself!  BONUS:  The kids get a new fort.  Also, remove all the inside drawers and shelves so that nothing gets dinged as you move it inside.
  2. Using a dolly or moving straps, take your time to move it into the kitchen.  Keep the fridge upright if possible, or at a shallow angle so as not to damage any of the cooling mechanisms.
  3. If it’s too big to fit past any tight spaces, take the doors off!  Most models are designed to easily remove the doors and possibly reposition them on the opposite side.  Take advantage of this!
  4. Leave a space for the fridge to “breathe” and allow the coils to cool off.  Depending on the model of your new fridge, this may mean that you have a leave a gap behind it, while some models vent down to the ground and out the front.  Please check your users manual for details.
  5. Make sure to sweep and clean the space for your fridge, and carefully push into place.  Be extra careful to not kink the waterline (if applicable), nor to snag the power cord.  Time to reinstall the doors, and put back all the shelves and drawers.
  6. Level the fridge by pulling off the small plastic panel on the bottom of the front.  Adjust the feet on either side to raise or lower the fridge to either side, use a level or your smartphone to check if you’re “on the bubble.”  Once level right to left, raise the front just a little bit by turning both adjustment bolts the same number of times.  When your fridge tilts “back” slightly, the door should close by itself when left open.

Watch the video and read the full article here: How to install a new refrigerator – CNET

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