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How can you get the most out of the storage space from your new kitchen remodel? Updated cabinets and finishes are exciting; however, this is also the perfect time to re-organize the kitchen. Everything you use, whether it’s dry goods and linens or pots and pans should have their own dedicated spaces, so here’s how to use every inch of your new kitchen.

Interior Cabinet Accessories

Pots and pans kitchen cabinet storage Pots and pans kitchen cabinet storage
Pots and pans kitchen cabinet storage

The easiest place to start is with cabinet accessories. Upgrade your standard fixed shelves in deep and dark cabinets to roll-out trays. This will provide an easy pull-out shelf so everything being stored is accessible. Other ways to improve your storage are inserts, dividers, and pull-outs like cutlery and utensil trays and spice or trash pull-outs. Any storage upgrades will improve the use of your cabinets and provide a higher functioning kitchen.

Baskets, Jars, & Canisters

Glass jars for pantry food storageGlass jars for pantry food storage

Regardless of your pantry’s form, they all need organization. Take messy cabinets or walk-in’s and convert them into a dream by using jars, baskets, or canister storage for bulk items. Get creative and categorize different areas of your pantry by canned foods, dry goods, or other storage. Doing this will result in less time spent digging around and leave you with more time to cook.

Open Vertical Space

Deep refrigerator tray divider kitchen cabinetDeep refrigerator tray divider kitchen cabinet
Deep refrigerator tray divider kitchen cabinet

One of the most under-utilized spaces in a kitchen is vertical space. Tall wall cabinets and pantries are often generous is height which gives you a unique opportunity. Vertical tray dividers above a refrigerator for instance, are one way to fill the extra space. Use the height to store larger countertop appliances, cleaning supplies, or other less-used items.

Miscellaneous Extra’s

Tilt-out sink base kitchen cabinetTilt-out sink base kitchen cabinet
Tilt-out sink base kitchen cabinet

If those ideas weren’t enough, you can always add toe kick drawers, hooks to hang coffee mugs, pot racks to save cabinet space, tilt-out sink bases, over-the-sink cutting boards, and pegboard walls to provide more utility in your kitchen design.

Need more help making the most of your kitchen storage space? Contact a designer!