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Home Trends Alert: New Style Heading Your Way

February 14, 20133 comments

From punchy colors and dashes of pattern to renewed vintage spirit, we’re facing a future of exciting new trends. For a home that’s right on point with emerging style, take a look at this rundown of the best home fashions.

Peppy Color

Everyone can appreciate a little color. This year, instead of bursts of basics, brighter variations of the color wheel is where it’s at. For example, a splash of a deep merlot or flowery fuchsia will add more flair than a standard red.

Pantone recently highlighted Emerald as its color of the year for everything from fashion and branding to art and home. As we’ve discussed in other posts, blues and purples have been selected as the “it” colors this year too. These colors are all gender-neutral and have strength and confidence with a touch of wonder. It’s clear that more obscure, less conservative colors are the way to go.

Emerald green table and chairs

Photo credit:

Novel Neutrals

Used as a base throughout the home, neutral colors are still important. But they’re moving beyond tired, almost colorless whites, creams and beiges. Instead, soothing blue-grays, fresh yellows, and richer, fuller tones of the usual suspects (creams and beiges) are being sought.

Warmth, though, is key for the trend. Keep cold and off-putting colors out of the home. Paint trends in longer cycles, so even if you’re picking a more unusual, trendy neutral, you won’t have to worry about painting any time soon.

Yellow and Gray Dining Room

Sparrow and Soleil Paint. Photo credit:

Patterns & Themes

For patterns, geometric and angular designs are choice this year.  For example, herringbone and houndstooth are popular, whereas chevrons may have reached oversaturation. The “exotic” is also trending, such as imitation animal skin. Use these patterns in small accent pieces or as bold focal points.

Geometric Pattern Blanket

Photo credit:

Maybe it was the royal wedding or the popularity of Downton Abbey, but the elegance of European flavors is definitely in. You also might spot a resurgence of art deco from the ‘20s.

Bespoke Homeyness

We’ve seen enough of stark, uber hygienic design. Your home should scream you. Select décor and materials that speak to your personality. That said, keep the kitschy doodads to a minimum. Focus on select number of special decorative pieces.

Weathered, time-worn furniture is great for a welcoming feel. If you can pull off a DIY project without it looking like the abandoned attempt of a distracted 7th grader, go for it!

Tailored Furniture

What may be the aftereffects of a down economy and an upgrowth in demand for smaller homes is a desire for a home that makes efficient use of space and is light on décor. Large, chunky furniture is on the way out. In its place, try more minimal, compact furniture. For example, replace a grand armoire with wall-mounted shelving and a shallow dresser.

Living Room with Tailored Furniture

Open shelving and tailored furniture keeps rooms open and visually light. Photo from Houzz

Dark Stains & Painted Finishes

As the transitional look has grown in popularity, so too have dark stains and painted finishes. More traditional maple and cherry finishes still provide the nice look that they’re known for, but it has become expected. You can create a space that’s more aligned with today’s trends with colorful paints and dark stains, or a combination of both! Non-traditional woods are also a good choice.

Dayton Painted White & Tea Leaf Kitchen Cabinets

Dayton Painted White and Tea Leaf Kitchen Cabinets from

For whatever design choices you make, you have to live with the outcome. Your decisions should reflect your personality, not what the magazines and blogs say. Staying true to your tastes and wallet will make you the happiest.

What trends have caught your eye? Or, what design would you like to see? Leave your thoughts and insight in the comments below!


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  1. Joan Reply

    My husband and I fell in love with a burgundy or merlot kitchen cabinets we saw 15-18 yrs ago. Now we are going to remodel a 1977 kitchen and absolutely cannot find this color and no one seems to know what we are talking about. The colors we keep getting shown are all with brown undertones and don’t have the depth we are looking for in the merlot. I almost jumped out of my socks when I read the dark woods and colors were coming back! Maybe we have a chance of finding our dream kitchen after all!!!

    • CliqStudios Design Reply

      Hello, Joan,

      Back like the new black? Maybe it was just sleeping, not gone. Burgundy and deep red do make distinctive statements. Are you thinking of something like our Designer Garnet? Here it is in a two-tone kitchen, used to create a furniture-look island adjacent to a dining area.
      kitchen island built of raised-panel painted garnet cabinets with furniture feet

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