Starting Your Holiday Remodel

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We are over halfway through the year and that means the holidays are fast approaching. Now is the perfect time to get started with your kitchen remodel to be ready in time for the holidays – but where do you start? We asked our CliqStudios team about the ins and outs of starting your kitchen remodel? [How do I remodel my kitchen?]

Preparation for your project comes from establishing your wants and needs. CliqStudios kitchen designer Jayelynn Carlson says, “I would say go on Pinterest and say “I like this” “I like that” and envision the kitchen.” You may find a design element that becomes the driving force for your remodel. The goal is to find a balance with what you want and when you want it. “Working with an experienced kitchen designer ties into all of that,” says Jayelynn.

It’s not enough to want to remodel your kitchen though. Eventually, you have to make the mental commitment to the project. CliqStudios Project Coordinator Brad Homan is currently remodeling his own kitchen and says, “That’s how it started, about 2 years ago, just talking about doing it. We decided we were going to do it in January. It was really going to start.”

Involving designers and contractors as soon as possible will guide your project and keep you from feeling overwhelmed. Jayelynn spoke about the importance of a designer to help create your vision. “That initial phone call is so important. I call it a ‘meet and greet’ because I’m learning about you and your project. Learning the customer and what they want is important. Also having the expertise to say, “No, that’s not going to work,” is important. Being able to say functionally what is a good idea and not is important too.”

Brad stressed that a successful project starts with the right team. If you are hiring a contractor, then it’s important to begin the hiring process as soon as possible. “Don’t feel obligated to any contractor because you have a connection. Family and friend connections are not always good. Start speaking to contractors as soon as possible.”

Two women with mugs and papers gathered around an island in a kitchen with CliqStudios Austin CH cabinets painted White. The island uses CliqStudios Austin CH in Tea Leaf.

Additionally, he mentioned the importance of timelines and taking action. “Start getting estimates and timelines. Appliances, that would be the next thing to look for early so you can time the purchase for when the best sales are going on. I guess the biggest lesson is how long it takes to get everything going, mainly the contractor.”

As Jayelynn says, the start of a project is all about “Getting your ducks in a row.” Getting your kitchen ready for the holidays is an exciting project, one you can jump start with action and thoughtful planning.

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