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Hi, Refrigerator, Are We Out of Eggs? Meet the Smart Kitchen.

May 6, 2015No comments

Woman talking on mobile phone in dairy aisle of grocery store
A majority of cooks use tablets or smart phones to help in food preparation.  (NextMarket Insights, 2014) Until recently, uses were limited to looking up recipes, ordering groceries and learning about nutrition. Today, however, innovators and major manufacturers are ready to help you communicate directly with kitchen appliances and devices via smart phone or computer. This is the age of the connected kitchen.

On the market now

Unscheduled shopping stop? Overtime at the office? Game in overtime? Adjust the cook time and temperature on your Crock-Pot with the free WeMo app for your smart phone or tablet.

The Drop cooking scale works with a recipe app on your iPad to help you get professional results.

Build a shopping list on Freshub with a voice command or by waving an item across the barcode reader.

For the luxury set only—Dacor offers a two-oven, six-burner smart range that has a built-in Android tablet. Use the companion Discovery IQ app for your phone to set your oven to preheat or check the temperature of your meat. Price tag: $11,999.

Samsung offers a Wi-Fi Refrigerator, a model with a tablet in the door. The company describes this as a “smart refrigerator.” That may be a bit of an exaggeration, since the tablet doesn’t actually allow you to interact with the refrigerator. You can, however, use the screen to make phone calls, watch TV programming, make notes, and access information on food products.

On the horizon

Since the kitchen sees more activity than any other room in the house, innovators large and small are on the smart bandwagon.

Sweep trash near the floor-level port on the Bruno garbage can, and the can sucks it up into a standard trash bag. (Interested in investing in Bruno? It’s currently in Kickstarter.)

LG’s HomeChat will allow you to communicate with your appliances. Text your refrigerator “Do We Have Beer?”, or “When does the fresh date on the hamburger expire?” Text your vacuum cleaner to get a quick cleanup before company arrives. Or tell your entire home you are going on vacation, sending the appliances into energy-saving mode.

From Anova Culinary, a blue-tooth enabled immersion circulator will maintain a precise temperature in a pot of water, sending updates to your phone.

Track calories and nutrition with the HAPIfork.

By 2015, Ikea plans on introducing a smart kitchen table that multi-tasks as an induction cooktop and reads recipes.

What do you want from a smart kitchen?

What smart function would mean the most to you? Let us know.

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