Great Gadgets to Bring Your Kitchen Into the Future

August 30, 2017No comments

Article written by guest blogger Justin Havre,

If you have older kitchen appliances, or you remodeled but you feel there is still something missing, you may want to take a look at all the great gadgets that can make your kitchen futuristic. Some are costly, but many are not. They can give you ease and convenience, or simply make your life a little better by saving you some time. But you don’t want to put just any gadgets into your kitchen. Choose the ones you will really use. If you plan to sell your home in the near future, think about what you will use and what is very popular, so future buyers will like what you have to offer.

Grill Like a Champ Right In Your Own Kitchen

If you don’t have a grill you can use (and trust) in your kitchen, and you don’t want to cook outdoors, the Palate Home Smart Grill can be a great choice. It will cook nearly any food perfectly and you can control how done your food gets based on its composition and weight. No matter what you want to cook, it’s ready. It can also help keep you healthier, because grilled food is generally better for you than fried options. If you’re into clean eating or you just want something different to eat, this is one gadget you will really want to have in your kitchen. It is controlled through an iPad app, so you can sit in the living room and relax while keeping an eye on your food’s cooking time.

Measure With Precision With the Drop Connected Kitchen Scale

Whether you are just getting into baking or you have been doing it for years, it can be difficult to always get the measurements right. And, again, smart technology finds a way to remedy this. With this scale and its ability to be controlled with an iPad app, though, the days of odd measuring and guesswork are a thing of the past. Instead, you can get the exact measurements with precision and care, and the scale will tell you when it’s right. Just pick a recipe from the app, place the bowl on the scale, and start adding your ingredients. Since the scale is connected through Bluetooth, you will always get the right amount of each ingredient for the recipe you’re trying to make. Cookies, cakes, and all kinds of other baked goods are available in the recipe list.

Meet Your Health and Fitness Goals With a Prep Pad

From the Orange Chef, this prep pad can tally up all the nutritional information of anything you place on it. This way you know for sure how many carbs you’re getting. If you are watching your calories for weight loss or maintenance, this can be an excellent tool to let you know how much of something you can eat and help you better understand portion size. You will get a weekly overview, too, so you can meet your health goals. If you have a Jawbone Up, you can link the two together for even more inspiration and information that can keep you moving forward in the best and healthiest way possible.

The Options Are Increasing Every Day

No matter what ideas you might have for kitchen gadgets, there are more and more options every day. From smoothie makers that work like Keurigs to forks that track what you’re eating, connected coffee makers, and smart ovens, there is always something new to explore when you want to make your kitchen work for you. If you spend a lot of time cooking or want to get more involved in eating right, baking, or just enjoying some great food, you will never be short of new kitchen gadgets you can try.



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