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Fall Décor In A Pinch

October 8, 2012No comments

Autumn is my favorite time of year here in the Midwest. The smell of crisp leaves, the cool breeze on your cheeks, cozy sweaters and the pumpkin-flavored beverages from every coffee shop. With the changing season already here, my thoughts led me to how I quickly need to decorate my home to reflect the color palette of autumn. Robust purples, golds, oranges, reds and browns come to mind: inspiring me to bring some color into my space. Check out my tips and favorite products for a quick fall transition for your home décor.

Candy Corn & Candle Centerpiece

This is an inexpensive and fun way to add festive décor to your home this fall. Place in the center of the dining room table, on the living room mantle, or on a side table to brighten your space.

What you need:

  • Dollar store cylinder vases
  • Candy corn *If you have candy thieves at home, substitute the candy corn for popcorn kernels
  • Scented (or unscented) pillar candles

DIY Wreath

Dress up your front door this fall with an easy, leafy garland wreath.

What you need:

  • 2 leafy garlands
  • Copper wire *I chose copper because it matches the fall color theme. You can also use gold, red or green to have a similar effect.
  • Dollar store wreath door hanger


  1. Cut five 6-inch pieces from the wire and set aside.
  2. Shape the remaining wire in the form of a 12-inch circle, looping it around and around until you’ve used all of the wire to make a sturdy circle. Secure the end with one of the 6-inch wire pieces so it doesn’t unravel.
  3. Wrap one garland around the circle, securing the ends with the 6-inch wire pieces. Do the same with the other garland, strategically wrapping to fill holes the first wreath left.
  4. Hang garland on door hanger. Gorgeous!

Total: $32.27 + tax


If your fall décor is lacking a pumpkin, something must be wrong. The mumkin combines a pumpkin and orange mums to put a cute spin on the traditional outdoor décor.

Mumkin pumpkin flowers

The always fun and festive mumkin! has a great tutorial on how to make a fantastic outdoor pumpkin flower pot to hold fall mums! Don’t forget to spray the inside of the pumpkin with bleach to prevent the pumpkin from rotting.

To add even more life to your entryway, add dried corn stalks from your local farmer or craft store.

Fall-themed Toss Pillows

Not only can fall décor look great but it can be comfy too! Try these autumn-inspired pillows from popular national home stores.

Nearer Nurata Square Pillow from Anthropologie

Anthropologie Nearer Nurata Square Pillow

Nouveau Suede Gold Decorative Pillow from JCPenny

JCPenny Nouveau Suede Gold Decorative Pillow

Trapani 16" Square Decorative Pillow from Bed Bath & Beyond

Bed Bath & Beyond Trapani 16″ Square Decorative Pillow

Sweet Autumn Smells

What is fall without those seasonal autumn scents? Here’s what reminds me of fall!

Homemade Carpet Powder from *My tip is to add 1 tablespoon of nutmeg to the mixture for that autumn spice scent.

Crockpot Apple Cider recipe from

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