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Express Yourself: Brighten Your Kitchen with Pendant Lighting

January 22, 20133 comments

Pendant lighting is an essential part of a well-lit kitchen. Hung via straight poles, chains or cords, pendant lights illuminate important work areas in your kitchen and brighten the high-traffic conversation and entertainment areas.

When it comes to your lighting, try to spice things up. There’s no fun in having a kitchen that looks like everyone else’s. Pendant lighting gives you a great opportunity to add flavor, charm and character to your kitchen.

Often grouped in odd numbers, pendants work well over preparation areas as task lighting, over the kitchen island, breakfast bar and dining room table. For a look unique to your kitchen, hang pendants in clusters, vary the heights, and even mix and match styles.

From subdued to an in-your-face focal point, here are some pendant styles that will make your kitchen stand out.

Glass Pendant Lights

Navy and white kitchen with island seating facing large window above sink

Small glass pendants have a more subtle, sophisticated style. If you don’t want your lighting to be your focal point, consider pendant options like these. In this kitchen, the pendants simply and elegantly add focused lighting over the island.

Globe Pendant Lights


This style is very trendy at the moment. Globe pendants tend to be larger. But because they are clear, the visual weight isn’t there so they don’t overpower the space. In the picture above, a pair of pendants are used over the island.

Polished Steel Pendant Lights

Glossy, polished metal works well in contemporary spaces. Pictured above, the bell-shaped pendants complement the other metal and shiny surfaces without being overwhelming.

Colorful Pendant Lights

Maple kitchen with colorful pendant lights

Color is a must in the kitchen. Without it, things get bland. The little fiery bursts of red and orange in the kitchen above make a statement that can’t be missed.

Textured Pendant Lights

White kitchen pendant lights breakfast bar

Pendant lights are another great way to add texture to your space. Here, the textured pendants add flair above the uniform surfaces of the white cabinets. At the same time, the lights illuminate working and eating surfaces below.


Chandelier Above Sink

Chandeliers can be used in places other than the dining room table. Coming in many styles, chandeliers offer intricate details, glamour and a stunning focal point to your space. Or they can be used in more unexpected places, like above the sink in the picture above.

Clustered Pendant Lights

Here are those glass globes again. This time, they’re hung at varied levels and in a cluster. It’s a functional piece of bright eye candy.

Oversize Pendant Lights

Scale is important when selecting your lighting. But don’t be afraid of oversized pendants. As they say, go big or go home! This hybrid chandelier-art piece pendant makes a big impact.

What do you like to see in kitchen pendant lights? Share your thoughts, design tips and any other comments below!


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  1. James Reilly Reply

    How can I see your selection of colorful pendant lighting?

    • CliqStudios Reply

      Hi James – currently we do not offer pendant lighting, but hope that the post gave you some helpful design ideas!

  2. axshat Reply

    Very attractive kitchen images. I think I will get the great idea form this images.

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