closeup of white shaker cabinets in corner showing spacer by the drawer base and door-only cabinet used to allow cabinets to open freely past projecting bar pulls
Modern and sleek hardware on these cabinets matches stainless steel appliances

After narrowing down your kitchen cabinets options and finally selecting the style that looks the best for your home, you still have to decide on the right decorative hardware for your cabinets. Choosing kitchen cabinet hardware sounds like an easy process, but with the thousands upon thousands of options available, making your final decision can be a bit overwhelming.

While you’ll find many options at your local home improvement store, so much more is available to you online. You’ll find cheap options, expensive ones, and unique styles not suited for mass market retail stores.

Here are some things designers look for and consider when sourcing knobs and pulls:

Consider Existing Décor

Choose a style and finish that matches your existing décor. If you have a traditionally styled home, the cabinets and the hardware should match.

Think Complementary

The hardware should complement your cabinet style and finish.

Function First

Fashion over function doesn’t have to apply here. If you’re opening your cabinets every day, choose a style of knob or pull that is comfortable in your hand.

Remember Maintenance

Consider how much maintenance the hardware material will need. Textured pieces will be harder to clean, and some finishes may need more upkeep.

Pulls vs. Knobs

You can mix and match styles. For example, pulls may work better on doors and knobs better on drawers for you, or vice versa.

Create Accent Pieces

Use hardware as an accent piece to help create a focal point. For example, a different knob or pull style can be used a special cabinets to emphasize the area.

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