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May 14, 20154 comments

black shaker cabinets in kitchen island with white shaker cabinets on wallsWhy would a builder choose CliqStudios cabinets for his own home? In Chad Colman’s case, it’s because he chose them for other people’s homes first and came away duly impressed.

Colman is a contractor on Daniel Island in South Carolina, and his relationship with CliqStudios stretches back three houses. It began in the finishing phase of a home when he searched locally for high-end cabinets for the master bath. He found the prices unreasonable. That led him to the Internet, which led him to CliqStudios and a revelation. He realized that he could have cabinets of identical quality to the finest local kitchen stores yet pay significantly less. He was so pleased with the outcome, he chose CliqStudios again for his next project, a 5000-square foot spec house. So pleased with that outcome, he chose them once again when it came time to build a dream home for himself and his family.
white shaker cabinets in double vanity with hutch in bath with glass shower and freestanding tub

The Perfect Fit

For his own home, he used CliqStudios cabinets in the kitchen, pantry and master bath, opting for the clean look of Austin style doors. As a builder, he and his wife were especially impressed by the quality of the inset doors. “If your doors are in front of the frame you can adjust them a thousand different ways,” he says. “But with the high end look of inset doors, they have to be perfect.” Direct from the CliqStudios factory in Indiana, they were perfect.

Colman loved the savings he enjoyed on his gleaming new kitchen – over 30 percent off of what he would have spent locally, he claims. But he also appreciated the design process.

“I loved emailing out a hand drawn sketch and some dimensions,” he says, “and then receiving back beautiful 3D drawings and detailed plans.” Designer suggestion he especially likes: the Mission style mullions on the glass cabinet in his master bath.
kitchen island built of black shaker cabinets with open bookshelves

He also appreciates the island and shelves, designed in a dramatic shade of black contrasting the rest of the kitchen.

It seems when you build a better way of building cabinets, builders take notice.

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  1. Tierney Primce Reply

    I’m working with a friend who will do wholesale for the cabinets etc… for our kitchen remodel, mud room, bathroom, plus all new wood floors. Obviously, I am assuming being a builder you get these at wholesale. Was it 30% off wholesale even? My husband and I are going to do the dirty work. I.e. The takedown of the existing cabinets! Which our friend cuts down on the cost a good amount! If our friend takes walls down, opens others up… does the flooring etc. on a 30k budget – new appliances what do you think? Did you install the cabinets yourself or have others do them for you! Any thoughts or input would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance, Tierney P.

    • CliqStudios Cabinets Reply

      Hello, it sounds like you have a fun project on your hands! We do not install the cabinets, you would need to get someone to help you with that. Based on the information available, we think it would be in your best interest to email our Project Coordinator team at, they will be able to help and guide you.

  2. Tiffanie Reply

    What is the name/color of the countertops?

    • CliqStudios Design Reply

      Hello, Tiffanie,

      I'm sorry, we don't have that information. With granite, there can be a lot of variation from one slab to another, so you really have to look at the specific piece you will be using. I hope you find something you love!

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