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CliqStudios Pro of the Month

July 17, 20152 comments

pro builder project kitchen with white cabinets, white subway tile backsplash, black counters and wood floorsKitchen Design by Julia O’Halloran

The first winner of the CliqStudios Pro of the Month has set the standard for excellence very high.

It’s no accident that Sal Migliara’s company is called Castle Home Builders.  He knows that, for his clients, the home he builds really is their castle.

“Houses are one of the few things in America that are still built by hand.” says Migliara. “If you don’t have pride in your workmanship and your craft, you don’t belong in this business.”

Sal was nominated for the Pro of the Month honor by CliqStudios designer, Julia O’Halloran.  Although she and Sal have never met in person, they have formed a mutual admiration society based on professionalism, knowledge and respect.

Julia admires Sal’s attention to detail and his wonderful rapport with his clients.  She says that his work is truly exceptional.  “His kitchens look like something right out of House Beautiful.

remodeled kitchen with painted white raised panel cabinets, black granite counter and open shelving in the dining roomKitchen Design by Julia O’Halloran

Sal prides himself on his ability to listen.  He wants to make his customers happy by giving them what they want but he also knows how important it is to protect them from making costly mistakes.

The houses he builds are custom from start to finish.  And, for many of his customers, the room that is customized the most is the kitchen.  So Sal knows the importance of high quality cabinets.

In the past, he’s been frustrated by his experience at the big box stores.   As Sal explains, “Quite often the people working in the kitchen cabinet department aren’t really kitchen experts – they’re just filling in.  Yesterday they might have been in plumbing, the day before in the garden. So their designs are often based on incorrect assumptions and are flawed by missing material or incorrect sizes.”

For someone who prides himself on his work and on his professionalism, that’s simply not acceptable.

“There’s a language associated with building,” says Sal.  “And I knew right away that Julia spoke that language.”  That’s why the two of them make such a good team.

Sal found CliqStudios a while ago because he was tired of manufacturers who made poor quality cabinets that didn’t fit quite right.  So he started a relentless search for a cabinet company with high standards and an impeccable reputation for quality. When he found CliqStudios, he knew he’d found just what he was looking for.

The photographs of Sal’s kitchen installations tell the story very well.  It’s easy to see why his business continues to grow by word of mouth.  His customers not only love their new home but also love telling people about the man who built it.

To contact Sal about your project:

Sal Migliara
Castle Home Builders
108 Middle Point Road
Hampstead, NC 28442

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  1. Margaret Ferguson Reply

    I'm in California, East Bay Area. Can you recommend a kitchen designer (credentialed) in my area?
    Margaret Ferguson

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