Clear the Clutter! Storage Ideas for Your New Kitchen Design

July 5, 20192 comments

Are your countertops never clear? Do utensils and pantry items alike get shoved haphazardly in cupboards and drawers? Maybe you can never find the spatula you need? If this is your daily reality, there’s a good chance you have a cluttered kitchen. Above all, with the right storage solutions, a kitchen can be transformed from chaos to calm. Here are a few storage ideas for your new kitchen design.

Are your baking pans, cutting boards and serving trays can easily get out of control? Don’t stress anymore about where to stack or store these items. Help is here via a Tray Divider cabinet. In other words, the vertical tray divider cabinet allows you easily tuck these items away, whether it’s in a base cabinet, refrigerator wall cabinet, or oven drawer cabinet.

Do you love to spice your food but hate trying to find a place to put all of your containers? Or do you have bottles and jars that refuse to stay neat and organized? In short, from herbs to oils, the Pull-out Storage cabinet allows you to stash away small items in a convenient place with adjustable shelves. Finally you no longer have to worry about digging through multiple small items in search of the salt. Instead, everything is easy to see and access.

Tired of searching through messy drawers for the correct utensil? Or maybe you have a cluttered container sitting on your counter, bursting with one too many utensils. Eliminate eyes sores and clutter with the help of a handy utensil drawer. The drawer comes with inserts to separate out your various items. Your servings spoons, spatulas, measuring spoons and whisks will no longer be a mess. Instead, everything is in the proper place and close at hand for use.

Looking to utilize your corner cabinet space? The Lazy Susan cabinet has two rotating trays that maximize the hard-to-reach corner spaces in the kitchen. With the light touch of a finger, the two trays spin to display all the contents inside. It’s clean and visible. Furthermore, it’s the perfect solution to decluttering corner cabinets.

Next Steps

In conclusion, all of this talk about decluttering may inspire you to add these solutions to your kitchen design. Our team of designers are ready to guide you through the steps of a kitchen remodel. [Where Do I Get the Best Design Ideas?] You can finally have the kitchen design of your dreams this season!

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  1. Godrej South Estate Reply

    Superb Idea…loved your blog to the core…looking forward to much more kitchen ideas.

  2. Jessica Darcey Reply

    Great ideas. Dividers are always a great way to use up small space. And let’s not forget the corner cupboards and drawers. Amazing innovations!

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