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How do you know whether to use RTA (ready to assemble) cabinets or semi-custom cabinets for your project? There’s no shortage of advice on the internet about which is the better choice, but only you can make that decision. Each cabinet class has its pros and cons; the variable is your needs. To help make this decision easier, here are 7 ways to know if RTA cabinets are right for your project.

Large ash brown stained kitchen cabinets with stacked display wall cabinets and long islandLarge ash brown stained kitchen cabinets with stacked display wall cabinets and long island
Dawson door style in Taupe stain kitchen cabinets

1. You’re Experienced

Ready to assemble cabinets are great for a variety of reasons, but they are not for the newest DIYer. Building a cabinet out of many parts and pieces is overwhelming, and if you don’t know what you’re doing, mistakes are bound to happen. Experienced DIYers will be able to navigate this task easily, but if this is a new concept, it’s probably best to go with assembled cabinets.

2. You Have the Tools

When you’re getting ready to assemble a kitchen full of cabinets, the last thing you should worry about is buying a stash of tools. If you have a foundation of tools from past projects, purchasing one or two isn’t a big deal. However, creating an entire collection from the ground up is going to be expensive and might blow your budget. For homeowners who don’t own many tools, it’s best to hire a professional and order assembled cabinetry.

3. Time to Assemble

Everyone has a busy schedule and RTA cabinets take time to assemble. Roughly about 30 minutes to 1 hour per cabinet. Homeowners who have a large kitchen may need to take days if not a few weeks’ worth of time to ‘build’ their kitchen during downtime. Make sure there’s enough time to fit this into your busy home and work schedule.

4. Remodel on a Budget

In some cases, semi-custom cabinets can cost more than RTA cabinets. Pricing ranges based on a few variables, but most of the time RTA cabinets will be less. For kitchen remodels that have a smaller budget, RTA may be the way to go. If you keep interior cabinet accessories to a minimum, this will be a great option.

5. Exclusive Door or Finish

Since each cabinet line is different in terms of style and features, this may mean a door or finish you like is exclusive to one line over another. If you’re in love with one style or finish, this could determine which line you choose. The final decision is yours, but style preferences sometimes do affect the end result.

6. Cabinet Variety

RTA cabinet lines have a lot more variety for storage solutions than they once did. Even with an increase in accessories, semi-custom lines typically offer more. For those who need very specific storage solutions and need a lot of them, semi-custom lines are your best bet. However, for kitchens that don’t need excess storage solutions, RTA will more than satisfy your requirements.

7. Easy Storage

Is your home tight on space? RTA cabinets come flat packed in boxes if you choose unassembled which makes this a no-brainer. Semi-custom lines will all come factory-built and arrive in large boxes. As a result, a room in your house needs to be cleared out and prepared to receive this large order. RTA cabinets are compact and give you the benefit of ordering ahead if you have the storage space ready.

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