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Add Color Without Painting (Part 2): Furniture and Lighting

February 8, 20125 comments

Lots of landlords won’t let you paint because over time, layers and layers of paint look bad, especially in the corners. So you are stuck with neutral walls but that doesn’t mean you can’t add blocks of color here and there.

Furniture and Lighting

Choose brightly colored furniture and/or slipcover your existing pieces. Slipcovers can be made or can be purchased at just about any retailer that sells home décor. Slipcovers are a great way to freshen up worn furniture pieces as well.

Red and orange bright furniture

Bright colorful furniture adds color to your space

Spray a wooden side chair or stool a solid accent color. Even wood trim on a neutral piece can add color to the room. Look for primer and spray paint in one with fool-proof sprays like the line of Valspar spray paints.

• Spray paint a light fixture to that color you want to add into your design. I’ve taken inexpensive chandeliers and sprayed them baby blue, coral pink, white, black, etc. Just make sure to cover the electrical sockets for the bulbs so that you don’t spray inside them.

• Switch out a lamp shades to colorful versions. Lamp shades can be painted, and we’ve also stretched a new fabric over an old shade to add more color. If DIY projects aren’t for you, check online for color lampshades too. For color inspiration, check out Jonathan Adler’s use of bright color in his product lines.

• Accessorize with blocks of color or patterns to add texture and playfulness to every room. Pillows, throws, and vases are easy-to-find items that can add a lot of wow-factor and finish to room décor. Have a neutral piece of furniture? Take brightly colored large pillows to fill the back of the piece. All of sudden that white loveseat is a large block of color!

• Can’t paint a stained coffee table? Find a great piece of Sari fabric or silk to drape over it. Add a colorful tray and you’ve created another bright spot in the room.

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    Hey Barb,
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