A black island with butcher block counter tops and a built in microwave, bookshelf, and cooler.

Many homeowners want a custom kitchen design to give their kitchen personality and style. Creating a kitchen with a custom feel is possible with the guidance of the right designer and the right cabinetry [Where do I get the best design ideas?]. Designer Vanessa Hernandez discussed with us how design professionals bring a custom look into the kitchens of homeowners.

“I believe custom means a space designed especially for you,” said Vanessa. “At CliqStudios we are semi-custom meaning we have some predetermined sizes but it’s not the size that gives the kitchen a custom feel, it’s the thought of how you are going to use our cabinets in your design process.”


It is also important to have an open mind when learning about semi-custom cabinetry. Premade, Semi-custom cabinetry allow the customer to do some customization. “I’ve had homeowners concerned about us being semi-custom but when we talk, they realize I can do a lot of the things they thought were only custom,” said Vanessa

Your kitchen budget is another important factor in creating your custom design [ What do cabinets cost?]. “Our cabinets save you money, but you can still get a custom feel with our decorative and modification options.”


Custom Kitchen Design Recommendations

Storage solutions and decorative details add customization and style to your kitchen. Vanessa shares her favorite ways to customize kitchens.

Trash & Recycling

A Wastebasket cabinet in CliqStudios Studio 31 style in Cider finish containing a full trash can and full recycling bin.

“Whenever people say they don’t want pull-out trash and recycling, I tell them they do,” says Vanessa. Keep unsightly trash and recycling out of sight and out of mind with pull-out waste storage. A waste basket cabinet conceals your bins while keeping them easily accessible.

Tray Divider

Tray dividers installed in CliqStudios Dayton base cabinet and refrigerator wall cabinet in Painted Linen.

Vanessa also recommends tray dividers to separate and organize kitchen items. “You can take some slots out to create more room,” which is another level of customization to this storage solution.

Spice pull-out

Pull-out storage cabinet with three shelves storing spices and seasonings.

“I’m partial to the spice pull-outs. You can actually move the shelves up and down to use for other items like cooking spray. It’s also easily accessible.” At CliqStudios we offer pull-out storage cabinets in widths of 3”, 6”, 9”, and 12”.


Carlton stained in Cherry Russet with Traditional Molding

At CliqStudios we offer crown molding, and base molding. Each give your kitchen a special finishing touch and a luxurious style. Crown molding complements timeless, contemporary, traditional or eclectic cabinet styles. Whether traditional, cove, ceiling, angle, or soffit molding adds character to a kitchen. “We have a lot of different moldings to complement the style of the house and kitchen,” said Vanessa.

In short, adding a custom feel to your kitchen is possible at an affordable price.