4 Reasons to Start Your Holiday Remodel Now

September 24, 2019No comments

Remodeling your kitchen is a big decision. As a homeowner, you have to think about your project goals as your remodeling timeline. Generally, fall is a popular time to begin a kitchen remodel and it’s clear why.  As a result, there are many benefits to completing a project right now. Here are four reasons to start your holiday remodel now.

1.      Finish Your Remodel in Time for Holiday Events

Are you hosting Thanksgiving this year? Maybe you are in charge of family plans for Christmas Eve? Alternatively, you might just like having your house in order before you go out of town for holiday travels.

Whatever your reason might be, remodeling your kitchen now will help you be prepared for the busy holiday season. Your kitchen will have the perfect layout to accommodate any plans you might have.

2.      Maximize Your Kitchen Storage

Imagine being able to find everything you need to make holiday treats and meals, with no need to dig through overfilled drawers or oddly deep corner cabinets. Another advantage to a holiday remodel is that it maximizes your kitchen storage. A poor cabinetry layout or a lack of storage can add stress to the busy holiday season. However, by improving your kitchen storage, you will easily keep track of everything you need to cook and bake for the holidays.

3.      Get a Dream Entertaining Space

Massive custom built island with sink, microwave and specialty cabinet storage, with large glass pendant lights above.

Do you love to host parties? Are you always volunteering your home for get-togethers? Chances are the holiday season is no exception for your busy social calendar. By remodeling your kitchen now, you will be able to work with an experienced kitchen designer to create the perfect entertaining space. This could mean adding the ideal island for gathering, creating more counterspace for your treat buffets, or opening up a cramped space for everyone to gather in.

4.      Encourage Family Time

Family in kitchen with man stirring pot on professional gas range over black drawer base cabinets and mother dancing with baby

Renovating your kitchen can have a positive effect on the health of your family. A new kitchen means a better place to cook homemade meals, meaning less trips to get take out or ordering pizza.

According to Consumer Affairs, 49 percent of homeowners underwent a kitchen renovation to increase family time. This makes sense. Having a family friendly design creates a more inviting space. A kitchen refresh invites the family into the space.

In conclusion, at CliqStudios we provide quality cabinets to help you have a smooth kitchen remodel. Let us help you get started on your holiday remodel today.

infographic showing the path to a new kitchen by the holidays
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